Project 365: DAY 5 (Stella Artois Cidre)

Ooh it’s been close to a week and I’ve been good…. Updating this a photo a day thingy!! Anyway, here’s today’s photo of the day:

Many apologies for the horribly taken shot! STELLA ARTOIS CIDER OMG OMG OMG…. not that I’m that much of an alcoholic *shifty eyes* but yes, they finally make cider! I love cider as it’s not as bitter as beer and here’s my favourite bit… it’s made out of APPLES!! Now if only I can convince my parents drinking a pint of cider is the equivalent of having an apple a day…. and keeping the doctors away! =p 
Just got this off good old Tesco at the boyfriend’s (note his exercise ball.. tsk tsk) and it only cost £1.39! 
At the till:
Cashier: *squints at me – he’s quite old* ‘Are you 21?’
Me: *can’t count* ‘Errrrr… Yes I am…. 23?’ (yes I totally said that with a question mark. wtf)
Cashier: *looks at boyfriend* ‘Are you 21?’
Bf: ‘Yes I am 23.’ (so confident.)
Cashier: *stares at us funny* ‘Okay’ *scans cider*
Haven’t had a taste of this yet as I am gonna chill it properly! Might have it tomorrow after the ROYAL WEDDING! Am so excited about this as a friend from Canterbury will be joining us and it is going to be EPIC as she’s getting on the 5am train from Canterbury. Hur hur now I’m wondering how am I gonna wake up, put on make up (who knows Prince William might change his mind) and get my fat lazy bum over to Charing Cross to greet the lovely Vicki! 
Now you see….. I wouldn’t ever need to wake up so early again should Prince William / Harry choose me as I will have my lady-in-waiting to dress me up. Hahaha she can even eat for me so I will not put on weight wtf.
Okay this is getting to my head. Back to the dreaded essays!!