Project 365: DAY 12 (Magazine Freebies)

*ahem* so much for me being on a magazine ban!! There are pros and cons when it comes to working in a convenience store, it’s not relatively huge like regular departmental stores but boy do they have nearly everything!! I came into the shop at 7am this morning to find massive stacks of InStyle, Easy Living and Marie Claire magazines and all three magazines came with freebies attached!! +__+

Being the Cath Kidston and Nails Inc. fiend that I am, I couldn’t resist and quickly bought them!

Marie Claire is also doing a free Body Shop body butter (50ml) but I am not sure if I want the freebie as I already have a few full-sized body butters in stock, thanks to their Spring Sale not too long ago!

The Cath Kidston bag is neither small nor big and is made out of thin material and it fits both magazines nicely with room to spare! It’s perfect for carrying books for uni! =p