Farewell my HG Conditioner: Wella’s Wellazid

Anyone seen or used this before? Wellazid is a herbal conditioner made by Wella. This was my first ever conditioner and I never used anything else for my hair….. that is until Wella discontinued it (I think). I can’t find any information on this lovely conditioner anywhere! They used to be available at nearly all supermarkets in the late 1990s. According to Mum. I was too young to notice =p
Anyway, I last saw these conditioners in 2002, not in KL but in one of Kelantan’s supermarkets where they were going for RM18 for a 750ml bottle. I suspect they were getting rid of old stock as the conditioner has been discontinued but anyhow Dad and Mum quickly grabbed them all and that stock lasted me a year and a half. After that, I switched to using L’occitane’s conditioner (they are really good) and haven’t looked back since. I am surprisingly loyal to my hair care brands… If they work well for me!
Fast forward a good 8 years later. By chance, I stumbled upon this 1litre bottle at the boyfriend’s family hairdresser when I was home last sumer. Without thinking I told the hairdresser I wanted to purchase it (it was the LAST BOTTLE and was sitting on top of a cupboard, collecting dust). and she charged me a hefty RM68 for it! ACK. I then got reprimanded by the boyfriend for jumping the gun as he thinks the conditioner might have gone off by then (HE WAS RIGHT, BY THE WAY.) The conditioner smelt a little funny but I didn’t have the heart to chuck it in the bin as I carried it all the way back to Kent. No way am I gonna throw a good kilogram of my favourite conditioner in the WORLD away. Hmph. Didn’t do any damage to my hair though. Only the scent was… funky would be the appropriate word for it lol!
I was so desperate to get more bottles of this that I even asked the hairdresser if she will be getting anymore stock in. Well, the hairdresser mentioned this conditioner was still available (oh really?). I asked her where can I get it and she said 
‘Europe got mah. You go back London and see lah.’
*switches to Manglish mode*
I’m now back in London but where got Wellazid? I see no Wellazid! You cheat me! 
So enlighten me, someone. 
No more Wellazid *sniffs* Bye bye HG conditioner! =(