The wedding, Fraser’s Hill edition – a little snippet

Hello! It’s been nearly two months since the wedding and we are still waiting for our photographer to come to us with the photos!

However, family and friends have been sending us photos of the lovely garden reception we had at Ye Olde Smokehouse, Fraser’s Hill, and I thought why not share them with you as it’s been a while since I’ve written anything positive on this blog. =D

We had two receptions, one at Fraser’s Hill and the other, a dinner reception at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel the weekend after.

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of the Putrajaya do so this post will be mostly on the Fraser’s Hill party for now!

My dear parents kindly booked the Smokehouse up in the hills for the ceremony on Saturday, March 14. As the Smokehouse had only 12 rooms available then, my bridesmaids / groomsmen / friends spent the night(s) at two other bungalows.

I felt the need to do justice to the fact that this is a beauty blog by putting up this photo:

Ye Olde Smokehouse Fraser's Hill Victoria Makeup Table-1

The mess that is my dressing table. I even brought mosquito repellant patches for the kids, but I forgot to offer it to them. Oops! The fleece jumper that’s thrown onto the chair belongs to the hubs, he brought it up as he was worried he’d be cold. Lol!

The ceremony came and went with quite a bit of drama. First, I lost a bridesmaid a week or so before the ceremony as her grandmother had just passed on. Thankfully, my officiant’s girlfriend J sportingly agreed to be one at the last minute – something I’m really grateful for.

There were lots more, but let bygones be bygones.

The hubs and I are really blessed with incredible friends who really went all out to help us. Starting with transport, our kind officiant V and his other half J went quite the distance to drive uncle and aunt (who had come to celebrate from England) up. My friend KH also helped ferry bridesmaid C up, while special thanks goes to my bridesmaid Y, who drove other bridesmaid G and another uncle and aunt (who flew in from Kelantan) up the hill station.

My maid of honour – Stephanie rushed up on the eve of the wedding with her lovely husband Louis, despite them being very busy people. She even got dressed at an unearthly hour on the day itself just so she could give the other bridesmaids a hand with makeup / hair! It’s a shame she couldn’t make it to our dinner reception in KL as her mum had to undergo an emergency procedure.

More thanks to Lily for not only lending us her beautiful girls Chloe and Ashlyn for our garden wedding, but for also helping out with bridesmaids G and J’s makeup. Props to her dashing husband Anthony for making the trip, as I wouldn’t have been able to spend time with Lily and her lovely girls if not for him! Did you know she even left baby Ashton behind just so she could spend more time with me? Am forever grateful for that! Please send her lots of love over here. =)

Steph the pro did her own makeup, while bridesmaid C helped out with the other girls’ makeup. Don’t know what I would do without friends like them!

Our nephews played ring bearer and page boy, and we were so proud of them as they played their roles so well!

As this was an “intimate” wedding reception, only close family and friends were invited. Well, to be honest, the Smokehouse could only host a maximum of 50 persons for a sit-down dinner and we refused to set up canopies in the beautiful garden as we felt it would simply spoil the ambience!

A lot of items were handmade for the Fraser’s Hill reception, with most, if not all of it coming from my amazing mum and dad. Dad built the arch from scratch, while both Mum and him went about looking for the perfect pieces of wood and built me a one-of-a-kind cake stand.

My penchant for Japanese cranes sure stood out during this reception, seen in the hundreds of paper cranes hanging from our arch during the reception. My parents, brother and kakak spent nights bent over, folding crane after crane. I’m forever grateful. <3

Up in the highlands, we received a lot of help from our lovely guests as they helped us bring everything together. For example, we exploited Louis’ height:

Working on the Arch

Dad, Steph, Louis and Paul* working on the arch. 

Louis is one of the nicest people ever, and boy is Steph lucky to have him! He happily drove between the bungalow and Smokehouse, ferrying friends and family back and forth venues. By then, I was already running around like a headless chicken and he kept advising me to “sit down, drink more water, eat and rest whenever you can”. These kind words of his had a rather calming effect on me and I daresay I got through the day(s) a lot better, thanks to him!

As you can see, everyone’s hard work paid off handsomely:

Arch with paper cranes Ye Olde Smokehouse Fraser's Hill

Paper cranes glistening in the sun.

We even had help from a group of Japanese tourists who stayed at the Smokehouse the night before! They saw the parents + friends hanging the cranes and they jumped in to help “open” the cranes – they were previously folded flat for easy storage.

And before we knew it, it was time to walk down the aisle! We bought our little nephews’ suits and flower girls’ dresses from Bianne. Our tailor commented the suits had “Rolls Royce” specs as they came with all the inner pockets + trimmings! Nephew E took a look at Paul’s* work suit post-wedding and said

“Ah my suit has more pockets than yours!”


walk down the aisle Ye Olde Smokehouse Fraser's Hill

Nephew J playing page boy. Note that cheeky grin and red shoes. I should have gotten the boys proper black shoes to go with their suits! Paul* made the “Here Comes The Bride” sign! A handy man he is… Maybe not!

Ye Olde Smokehouse Fraser's Hill Garden Wedding Ring Bearer Flower Girls

Nephew E playing ring bearer, followed by my lovely flower girls Chloe and Ashlyn! My lovely sister-in-law Z helped coordinate the kids and ensured they walked down the aisle, not off it.

Ye Olde Smokehouse Fraser's Hill Garden Wedding

Us, and our officiant. I wore a custom made Kenneth Hoong gown while the husband donned a Hugo Boss suit. Kenneth surprised me with that beautiful veil, which was very heavy and long!

Ye Olde Smokehouse Garden Wedding Bridesmaid Groomsmen

Mum bought and personalised hats for all the ladies! She painstakingly added her personal touch to all the hats! She couldn’t get her hands on enough hats, so she bought a couple of fascinators, which the early birds a.k.a my sisters-in-law grabbed. =)

Ye Olde Smokehouse Garden Wedding all together

Post ceremony, we naturally had to take some photos! My bridesmaids made their own million stars bouquets the night before, and the purple bridesmaid dresses turned out to be a blessing indeed! There was some drama with the colour of the dresses… Dear Kenneth actually had them done in the wrong colour fml. I was very upset and teary about it for quite a bit, but am glad all worked out well in the end.

Ye Olde Smokehouse Garden Wedding bridesmaids

Candid shot of the girls and more.

I think this photo was taken before I threw the bouquet. =)

Ye Olde Smokehouse Garden Wedding throwing the bouquet

Post ceremony, it’s time for the bouquet toss! The husband was very sad to see the bouquet go as he made it – I must say he is quite the florist. It went to bridesmaid J!! I’m expecting a V&J wedding next year, folks!!

 And that’s all the photos I’ve got for now, am aiming to get all my photos from my photographer as soon as possible so I can share them all with you. =)