What’s In My Bathroom? Hair Edition #4 – Shiseido Fuente Forte Purifying Shampoo

If you have been following the last three instalments of this post, you may well be a wee bit put off by the amount of shampoo I use. Fret not, my dears, for this is the second last of the shampoos I’ve got at home!

Allow me to present the most amazing purifying shampoo I’ve ever used…. Shiseido’s Fuente Forte Purifying Shampoo! If you battle oily hair on a daily basis, this is heaven sent.

Shiseido Fuente Forte Purifying Shampoo

Living in the city has its pros and cons. The great part about being in one means you have the access to all major beauty brands in the country (bimbo speak here, excuse me) and the cons? It’s extremely polluted, the working environment is naturally stressful and all these factors does affect our hair’s health.

It doesn’t help if you have an oily scalp to begin with.

What this product does is eliminate sebum while maintaining the hair’s moisture levels. Shiseido’s Barrier Care Technology works to provide the scalp with a healthy environment, and I cannot agree less. The Kerastase shampoo is gently clarifying, it does clean well and leaves my hair feeling soft but I feel this does an even better job at keeping my scalp fresh and clean all day. Despite whatever I use, my hair has a tendency to go greasy on me by end of the next day (I wash my hair in the evenings) but the Fuente Forte shampoo keeps my hair relatively oil-free until my next wash.

I admit, I sometimes use this two days in a row, especially if I’ve had a long day at work as the cooling / menthol sensation this gives is incredibly invigorating!! I have a friend who uses this daily and has no problems with it, but I try not to as I’m worried it may dry my scalp out too much.

Having said that, this isn’t one of those shampoos that leaves your hair squeaky (literally) clean after one wash… Know that feeling when you towel dry your hair and your hair is so clean it feels plasticky? This one doesn’t do that, it only leaves you feeling really fresh and happy. =)

Are you into shampoos that give out a wonderful menthol kick?