What’s In My Bathroom? Hair Edition #5 – Bioderma Node DS+ Anti Dandruff + Anti-recurrence Shampoo

Have you ever had a dandruff problem so bad that you’ve tried just about any anti-dandruff treatment shampoo available in the pharmacy and they all just don’t work?

I have, I have even tried using tar shampoo, which smells funky and even gave me frizzy hair. All my nightmares ended when I found the Bioderma Node DS+ Anti Dandruff shampoo.

Bioderma Node review

I love Bioderma. Very much. Our love affair started with the micellar water, I then branched out into trying their toners, pore minimising serum and even cleansers. I found this in Singapore, and it was a timely discovery indeed, as I was battling a very itchy scalp then.

The steps to using this product is very specific, you have to use this three times a week for the first three weeks before cutting it down to one-two shampoos a week.

When using, they recommend doing a double cleanse (whoever thought scalps needed double cleansing?) – First lather up by gently massaging the scalp, rinse off then repeat the application. This time, leave the product in the hair for five minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Let me tell you, this works like a dream. My head stopped itching after the first application, Paul* noticed less flaking on the second and I didn’t have to brush any dandruff off my shoulders on the third. It’s amazing.

Contrary to most anti-dandruff shampoos, this doesn’t dry my hair out. Instead, it smoothens and detangles. I find this makes a great soothing and moisturising shampoo + conditioner combo. I’m not one who would go without conditioner, but when I used this, I stopped using my conditioner as I didn’t want the heaviness of my conditioner to affect my already irritated scalp. Surprisingly, my hair wasn’t dried out at the end of the three-week treatment, which is an added bonus.

It’s a rather small tube, holding only 125ml of product but trust me, this will go a long way. I have used this same tube for two three-week treatments and it’s still going strong. Paul* too suffers from irritated scalps and he finds this such a joy to use.

If you have severe scalp problems, or a pesky dandruff issue that doesn’t seem to go away, I suggest you give this a go. Trust me, you’ll never look at anti-dandruff treatments the same way again.

I’ve gone through 3 tubes of this, and my current tube is on its last legs. Looks like it’s time for me to schedule another trip to Singapore, seeing we don’t get this product here! 😉

p/s: I think Bioderma has updated the packaging of this product, it’s now blue. My tube must be really old!