Taking baby steps…. Starting with Shiseido’s Perfect Oil


Hello, it’s really
been too long. Life’s taken a turn in the complete opposite
direction for me and let’s say… All hell broke lose on my end and
I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks trying to straighten
things, and my life out.

I do love blogging, but when life takes me on a roller
coaster ride, some things just had to go. In this case, I had to
neglect my already neglected blog. To my
dear readers, however many I have left, thanks for sticking around
and I hope I will one day be able to share with you what’s been
going on at my end.

For now, I can only say: It’s complicated, but I’ll
work things out! =)

I’m gonna start really small now, and try to blog at
least three times a week.

And I’m gonna kickstart this with a cleansing oil that
has been sitting in my bathroom for quite a while now, say close to
three months? =)