June Empties – Son and Park, Cosrx, Holy Snails, Bioderma, Melvita and more!

Hello, the writing bug struck me all of a sudden and I thought I’d quickly put this blog post out there, in case anyone misses me. =D

First of all, do pardon the poorly taken photo. I am still struggling a little to get around the house, and bending down to photograph “rubbish” – THANKS, PAUL* – isn’t doing my back any good.

I even tried the Blu-tack trick to get those bottles to stay, but it obviously did not matter as yours truly can’t even tack things down in a straight line.

So here’s the photo in all its unruly glory:


I won’t be coming up with any excuses. Let’s face it. I’m not the best photographer.

Anyhoo, I’ve been hoarding these empties for a while now and Paul* is getting rather upset at me and claims I’m single-handedly transforming our bedroom into a pigsty. So let’s get into it.

Son and Park Beauty Water

You see, all it takes is a blog post from a reputable blogger to make me go “take all my money” at a skincare product. Prior to making this purchase, I was curious, but apprehensive enough to not pick up a bottle of this. Then Tracy’s post popped up in my feed. And then I popped this into my shopping basket.

Not too long later, I’ve already emptied my first bottle, am on my second and have a third waiting in line. I only use this once a day (in the evening) as using it twice daily stripped my skin. Would love to rave more but I was told I write far too much in one blog post and I should either split them up or just not talk at all. Lol!

Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream 

This is one lifesaver. And I only have my dear Martesa to thank. She bought me a backup when she discovered I couldn’t find this anywhere. And I used up said backup in a month.

If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have already heard of my horrific skin reactions did not want to go away. This really helped soothe my burning, itching skin without making it look like a greasy mess. Again, I have a backup in place.

Bioderma Hydrabio Serum

Picked this up in Singapore in May and am already on my second bottle. See a trend going? Most of June’s empties are skincare staples, and there are backups because yours truly is a crazy hoarder.

This is a nice, albeit slightly silicone-y serum that helps form a nice canvas over the face just so foundation doesn’t attach itself to any dry patches.

Cosrx Galactomyces Alcohol-Free Toner

A basic, daytime toner. As much as I love Cosrx products, I will not be repurchasing this as it didn’t do much for me.

Hada Labo Perfect UV Gel SPF50  

When I first tried this out without checking my reflection in the mirror, I thought “ooh this is quite nice!”. A few days (read: weeks) later, Mum commented

“Err what’s with your face? You’re looking like an oil slick.”


It went on my body instead and boy am I glad I’m done with it… almost. I will be cutting this tube open and get at least another use out of it. Not looking forward to doing that but I’m not for wasting products either.

Sunkiller Perfect Watery Essence SPF50 

I buy relatively cheap Japanese sunscreen for my legs and arms and this did the job well. Took a while for it to absorb though, which can be a tad annoying. Will only repurchase if it goes on offer.

Holy Snails Snowbang Essence and Shark Sauce

This is my first Snowbang empty and second Shark Sauce empty. I love both dearly and cannot live without them. Together, they work better than some very expensive serums I used to swear by. Have backups waiting in the refrigerator.

Melvita Avocado Oil

I’m a huge Melvita fan as I love facial oils and think Melvita does some of the most affordable organic single blend facial oils in the country. I initially picked this up to be used as an eye treatment but Paul* found it to be a very good body oil. He very kindly massages my legs at night as I am still experiencing slight numbness in my left. Bless him! Will repurchase once we get ourselves to their Midvalley outlet (my preferred beauty advisor is Jenny).


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