What’s In My Bathroom? Hair Edition #2 – Wella Professionals Balance Shampoo

In the previous instalment of “What’s In My Bathroom”, I introduced you to Milbon’s Willowluxe shampoo, which is an incredibly moisturising shampoo for normal to dry hair types. Used everyday, the shampoo promotes product build-up on my scalp and weighs down my already oily scalp. Not wanting an overly-moisturised scalp, I pair it with the Wella Professionals Balance sensitive shampoo.

Wella Professionals Balance Sensitive Shampoo

My oily and sensitive scalp makes it difficult for me to use just any shampoo. I found this by accident while shopping for some ice cream sticks / tongue depressors at a wholesale hair product shop. I was having a really bad hair day then, and kept pulling at my scalp – a bad habit of mine when my scalp’s oily – while walking about the store. The shop owner caught me doing that and after asking me a few questions, she produced this and urged me to give it a go.

The Wella Professionals Balance Sensitive Shampoo is everything I could ask for in a shampoo. I can use this every single day without experiencing product build up; it calms my scalp like no other and keeps my hair healthy. Purifying shampoos don’t work well as an everyday shampoo as they turn my hair to straw and my scalp is left itchy and flaky.

All things aside, this shampoo is simply perfection. After every use, my scalp feels comfortable and hair still feels soft and manageable. It’s also fragrance-free and lathers up gently, unlike some shampoos where you get a bubble bath work of bubbles when you lather it up. I have not experienced any stinging when my head zits are inflamed (yes, I do get head zits) and although I mentioned I love fragrance in my hair products, I’m more than happy to do without it as this really is a product I do not want to be without.

I’ve since repurchased this in a larger size – 1000ml because it’s just so good. Oh I haven’t mentioned the bottle, it’s such a joy to hold and just the right amount of product is dispensed each time, thanks to its small mouth. Now that my hair’s in much better condition seeing I don’t plan to colour / perm it for a bit, I’m more than happy to stick with this shampoo alone and not repurchase the Willowluxe shampoo when it runs out.

What’s your favourite go-to shampoo?


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