Wedding Wednesday – You’ve said YES, now what?

So your other half went down on bended knee and asked for your hand in marriage. You said yes. After celebrating and parading your gorgeous engagement ring, it’s time to start planning the wedding!

Ring pillow Tiffany milgrain wedding band

Our custom made ring pillow, wedding bands are from Tiffany & Co.

Paul* proposed in September 2013. No, he didn’t propose at some fancy restaurant, which would have been horrifying for me… Can you imagine the pressure, everyone just looking at you, waiting for that positive reply? Lol, it’s not like I won’t say yes to it but I’m just uncomfortable with all the attention given to us!

Everyone has a dream wedding. Now that Paul* proposed, we started looking at venues and really panicked as many have told us that popular venues in the Klang Valley are booked easily a year in advance.

Venues aside, it’s now time to look into getting you your wedding gown! Will you be renting or making one? A lot of bridal studios in the Klang Valley offer pre-wedding photography with gown rental, so it’s good to start looking around as again, most popular studios are snapped up early.

Then comes the bridal party! Will you be getting your bridesmaids dresses? What about the groomsmen? What’s your wedding theme? Bridesmaid and groomsmen colours usually go in line with the theme, so plan wisely! Then again, sometimes, things just don’t go your way. It happened to me, and I’ll be sharing my experience here and hopefully it will help you cope should things don’t go as planned.

No one tells you this, but weddings are a time when you discover who your true friends are. The ones who stand by your side when you are being bridezilla, those who really help out despite having busy schedules themselves… these friends are ones you ought to keep for the rest of your life.

As for those who say

“But I’m working, can’t make it early.”

“I’m a very busy person, you know, you can’t expect me to drop everything and be there,”

You get the gist.

Friends aren’t the only problem you’ll have. Family too. Family can be the worst of them all. Aunties who think they know what’s best, relatives who criticise everything you do, from decor right down to your choice of shoes… They’ll always be there. They will always have something to say. Just take a deep breath, give them the imaginary finger and move on.

Easier said than done, but you have to move on. Or you may suffer a heart attack come wedding day.

Since we recently tied the knot, I thought it would be nice to immortalise it on the blog and hopefully help some of you for when you will be walking down the aisle yourselves.

Wedding Wednesdays will be a weekly feature where I discuss some important factors needed when planning a wedding. If you have questions, fire them away and I’ll be most glad to discuss them / provide tips, if I have any!


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