Review: Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Face Lotion

Origins. A brand I’m very familiar with as I have spent the last five years getting facials done at their outlet in The Gardens Mall, Midvalley. I’m also sad to hear that the outlet will be closing down for good come July.

I’m very fond of the brand, as they do produce some very lovely products that suit my skin. The brand is also very special to me as I met one of my very dear friends, who was also my bridesmaid, there.

The Dr Andrew Weil for Origins range has been in my  skincare routine for many years now. I first started using the Mega Mushroom Face Serum when I was 16, and I gradually incorporated the range’s other products, namely Soothing Lotion (toner) and this, the Soothing Face Lotion.

Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Face Lotion

The Mega Mushroom range carries two different moisturisers – a lotion and a cream – I opted for the lotion as I’m not a fan of heavy moisturisers.

What’s in the lotion? The Mega Mushroom Skin Relief range contains Reishi, Chaga, Cordycep Mushrooms plus Sea Buckthorn, Ginger, Turmeric and Holy Basil. These ingredients are specially formulated to specifically address redness and sensitivity by building resilient skin. The ingredients help intercept environmental assaults before they can damage the skin’s barrier and helps block the effects of environmental assaults from triggering irritation.

My skin’s easily irritated, sensitive and red pretty much all the time. Living in sunny Malaysia hasn’t helped with the redness, so I always have some sort of skin soothing product in my ritual.

The Dr Andrew Weil Mega Mushroom Face Lotion is a runny, light, easily absorbed moisturiser that leaves skin feeling soft and slightly matte. It applies easily, smells herby and mushroomy (just like the rest of the range, really) but… I don’t see how it’s done anything for my skin.

With the Mega Mushroom Face Serum which I reviewed a few years ago (here), I find it has helped with the redness, and really soothed the skin. While the Face Lotion complements the serum and the rest of the range, it didn’t do very much for me other than keeping my skin hydrated.

I’m a firm believer of serums, and am willing to splurge on good serums but moisturisers… I just want a relatively light and hydrating one to seal in all the goodness that I’ve applied to the skin. Spending over RM300 for a moisturiser that doesn’t really do what it says on the bottle is a no-no for me.

Having said that, it took yours truly to go through three bottles of this (!!!!) to discover it’s done nothing much for the skin. I’m currently looking at slightly more affordable moisturiser options, so I will not be repurchasing this.

Have you tried anything from this range?


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