What’s In My Bathroom? Hair Edition #1 – Milbon Neu Due Willowluxe Shampoo

It’s definitely been more than “a while” since I last penned anything beauty-related on the blog, and this time, baby steps are taken to get myself out of this rut and get down to writing again!

Having had quite a lot of time to think things over as I’ve recently undergone surgery and a back procedure, why not introduce you to the wonders that is my bathroom, with “way too many items one girl would every need,” says the father.

That brought along the birth of the “What’s In My Bathroom Series”, where I’ll talk about the items that live in there and how important they are to me! =)

Let’s start with haircare (from the very top)!

My hair type’s fine, straight and limp; slightly dry and damaged from all the dyeing I’ve been putting it through! Pair that with an oily scalp and boom – you get a female version of Professor Snape!

Hence, the only way to go is with a cocktail of shampoos to ensure my scalp stays happy and grease-free. Today, allow me to introduce you to my “everyday” shampoo, the Milbon Deesse Neu Due Willowluxe Shampoo!

Milbon Desse Neu Due Willowluxe Shampoo-1

Milbon is a Japanese brand that’s relatively unknown in this part of the world… Unless you’ve been going to a Number76 salon. I have been going there for over three years now, with my favourite hair stylist being Hikky, who is based at the Publika outlet.

The Neu Due range comes in three variants – Silkyluxe (for fine hair), Willowluxe (for normal hair) and Velourluxe (for coarse hair). Willowluxe was recommended to me as my hair was pretty damaged back then. Fancy colouring your hair every two months… with the wedding as the excuse to do so! =D

The Neu Due range is also colour-treated hair friendly, which is an added plus! While I try to steer clear of fragrance in my skincare, having great-smelling hair is important to me as I like smelling my hair  who doesn’t like to smell good?

The Willowluxe range carries a flowery fragrance that is in no way cloying nor in your face. I mention range as I’ve also tried the Treatment (which is conditioner) and Nutrient (which is the hair treatment). While I found the Treatment and Nutrient to be a little too mild for me, the shampoo is just right.

It adds just the right amount of moisture to my hair without weighing it down or turning it into an oil slick by the end of the day. It does a fabulous job of softening and detangling the ends too, without me having to apply shampoo down the ends. You see, I have a habit of only applying shampoo to the scalp… Conditioner’s used on the ends!

How much product do I use? Around an old 20cent coin (Malaysian) or 10p (UK) – sized will do. For even product distribution, I usually lather it up between my palms before massaging it into my scalp.

Despite me singing praises, there is one caveat. The Willowluxe shampoo only works well for me IF I use it in line with my other shampoos, as the formula is a little too moisturising for everyday use. That’s the trouble with my unruly scalp. Use a moisturising shampoo everyday? Well hello, product build-up and oil slick… Some dandruff if you get lucky. Use a clarifying shampoo everyday? Hello dry, fizzy hair… and dandruff will too rear its ugly head.

Sigh, I just can’t win!

In order to keep things in check, I alternate between this and a balancing (slightly clarifying) shampoo every day, with a deeply purifying / scalp cleanse once a week. I have found this to be the best thing I’ve ever done for my scalp and my mental wellbeing – I don’t think you want to see me pull my hair out. =D

Do you, like me use a selection of shampoos or are you a one-shampoo person? If you said yes to the latter, boy do I envy you!


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