Here’s to all things new

Wow. It’s January 2015. Too much has happened. I’ve got quite a few updates for the few of you who still come round to take a peek every now and then. =)

2014, was a painful year for me. I lost a grandmother, whom I loved dearly. It pains me even more when I discovered she was taken off life support and we weren’t given the chance to say our final goodbyes. Her passing has got me really down: I tear up every time I see an elderly person in a wheelchair, being wheeled about the mall by loved ones.

I still cannot bring myself to step into the restaurants we used to frequent when she came to visit. It’s embarrassing, really. The smallest things remind me of her, and it upsets me if anyone says something along the lines of:

“Oh what a shame! If only your grandma had held it out until after your wedding.”

It breaks my heart every time someone says that. Trust me, I’ve had many people say that to me, and it never fails to transform me into a weepy mess.

So yes, that was most painful.

Silver linings, Sukie… In spite of all the sadness, Paul* and I got married!! We registered our marriage at the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association in July and then “moved” into our new home in December.

Speaking of something new, my parents-in-law very kindly did up the home for us, and it came chockfull with trimmings! My parents too contributed with beautiful crockery, cutlery and many an electrical appliance, for which we are extremely grateful.

Technology-wise, I finally got myself a MacBook Air, so be prepared to be bombarded with many more posts this year!

Need to also learn how to manage my stress levels better, having joined a new department with healthier working hours.

Here’s to a smashing 2015!


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