Distractions all round

I’ll (or should I say, WE’LL) be walking down the aisle in EIGHT weeks….

And ashamedly, there’s still lots to do.

Flowergirl dresses? (Sorry, Lily)

Ring bearer and flowery suits?

Bridesmaids’ dresses?


Okay, I need to take a chill pill. I haven’t seen my own custom-made gowns, what more my bridesmaids’ dresses + all the above… BUT!

What’s more important, is that this is going to be a hugely rant-y post.

If you still wish to read on, grab a huge mug of tea… with some popcorn / snacks for this is going to be one long post.

(or so I think)

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Here’s to all things new

Wow. It’s January 2015. Too much has happened. I’ve got quite a few updates for the few of you who still come round to take a peek every now and then. =) 2014, was a… View Post