Review: Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea

Paying over RM100 for a foaming face cleanser is not something I usually do (other than this cleanser) but this one is really something.

Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea is one of the more gentle and effective foaming cleansers I’ve ever used. It’s cheaper than the luxurious SK-II Cleanser I used in the past but is equally effective!

Formulated with Silver Tipped White Tea, this cleanser uses a combination of Palm, Coconut and Oat Amino acid to help cleanse and detox the skin, freeing it of free radical-releasing impurities before they settle down and cause skin-ageing oxidation and other irritations.

The cleanser has a pretty pearly iridescence to it:

It doesn’t foam up ala the famous Shiseido Perfect Whip cleanser but it does lather up nicely and cleanses my skin well. I was told I can even use this to remove sunscreen, which is the reason why I purchased this as I do not like the hassle of having to lug so many items into the gym shower.

I’d also like to happily report that this cleanser does not leave my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. Like all Origins products, the fragrance in this one is strong so all you fragrance-free lovers may want to stay away from this product. I do not mind the scent of this cleanser as it isn’t overpowering and more importantly, doesn’t irritate my irritable skin.

As much as I enjoy using this product, I don’t know if I would repurchase this as I still feel rather strongly against paying too much for stuff that won’t stay on your face for long. Just my two cents worth! But it is a lovely, lovely product and I would splurge on it if my budget permits me to. 😉



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