Review: L’occitane Almond Shower Scrub

L’occitane en Provence. I first encountered this brand back in 2000, when the brand opened its first outlet at KLCC. Fourteen years later, we are still very much in love with the brand. In fact, I believe we have never gone without a single L’occitane product at home.

I recently ran out of my Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub (I bought “tons” and had them shipped home but little did I know Sephora carries them here O.o) stock, so I thought to give this one a go.

Sorry, it’s not exactly a brand new tube but there’s a story behind why this happened!

My brother, my dear, beloved little brother found this in the shower, open and unused. He happily pried off the protective sticker and the rest, they say, is history.

As I used the shower over the next week, I discovered more than half the tube had been used. Was it Mummy’s doing, I thought?

I confronted Mum the next day and much to my surprise she thought I was happily using the scrub everyday! We then narrowed it down to either Dad or Brother, but we very well know Dad only ever uses bar soap.

So…. We both confronted the culprit. His face-saving reply?

“It smells so good Mummy! I couldn’t resist!”

I asked if he found it too gritty or drying.

“Not at all! In fact my skin feels just as good as when using the Almond Shower OIl.”


The Almond Shower Scrub has this jelly-like texture with finely crushed almond shells, giving it a “gritty without burning your skin” feel. It is also enriched with Almond Oil, leaving your skin feeling clean, invigorated and soft.

Product description aside, the scrub’s description is absolutely beautiful.

I hate dipping my wet fingers into a tub (which is usually how scrubs are housed) as it dilutes the product and turns it slightly icky. On this other hand, this is housed in a strong (but squeezable) clear plastic tube and it’s texture means every drop of product can be squeezed out, just the way this cheapskate likes it. =D

I didn’t take a photo of the dispenser but this works in a twist mechanism – twist the cap and product is dispensed via a small opening.

Although there aren’t that many gritty bits in this product it still does give a good scrub minus having raw skin after.

In all, this is a fantastic product. I use this twice a week and just love the delicate almond fragrance found in L’occitane’s almond products. At RM85 (with a 5% discount if you are a L’occitane member), it’s a little pricey but believe me, a little goes a long way.

(Unless you are my shower gel crazy brother)

What are your favourite scrubs? =)



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