Review: Dior Capture Total Eyes Essential Serum

An eye serum. For someone who doesn't apply eye cream diligently, this was quite a big purchase for me. I honestly don't know what made me make this purchase, but I can't say it was a bad decision!

I bought this quite sometime ago, as I enjoyed using the face serum (thanks, Lily!) and thought it wouldn't hurt to give the eye serum a go. Regular readers would know my eye sacks are the bane of my life and reading the blurb of this product that promises to “rid the eye area of toxins”, I was sold.

Pump bottle, yay!

This 15ml bottle of goodness also promises to strenghten the eye contour, allowing the eyes to appear visibly rested and illuminate the face. One pump is enough for both eyes even though it doesn't look like much:

I love the light texture. It spreads out so easily and all I do is pump one pump onto my ring finger, press both ring fingers together and gently dab under my eye, starting from the outer area and working it over my eyelids with a gentle dabbing motion.

Once spread out, the eye serum becomes transparent and sinks into the skin so quickly without leaving a trace of greasiness, earning extra brownie points from me. But, does this work well?

This, like many other skincare products, does deliver if you use this consistently. Used twice a day over a month, there is a visible reduction in the size of those sacks but this must never be used alone as it will dry out the eye area. Over time, I grow a little tardy as this means I have to apply this under an eye cream, leading me to abandon the product for a while…. Until recently.

This prolonged bout of illness has given me more than two weeks' worth of sleepless nights, resulting in me rummaging through my skincare stash in search of this because it worked well for me before. Although results aren't permanent, using this on a daily basis has helped reduce the puffiness and those dark blue veins under my eyes seem to be retreating.

The Dior Eyes Essential Serum is not a must-have, but it's a nifty product to have by your side in times of need. I wish this came as a two-in-one product so I never need to layer on an eye cream on top of this. Hehe!



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