Hi! I’m writing this from my phone as I have run out of scheduled posts and am currently unable to sit up for prolonged periods of time.

It’s been trying. A friend joked that Lillian Too (pretty famous feng shui master) mentioned that people who are born in the Year of the Dragon (that’s me) face ill health this year.

I’ve been pretty ill. Managed to use three days’ MC at the start of the year thanks to a horrible episode of food poisoning before coming down with a really bad back – colleagues who know me well would have been victim to my many complaints, moans and groans.

Late March, I was “diagnosed” with a torn spinal ligament, which resulted in me being bedridden for the rest of the month. It’s not so bad, just six days… But enough to upset some.

The pain refused to subside after five days, medication just wasn’t working and I dragged my sorry bum back to the orthopaedic surgeon, hoping for a stronger dose of painkillers as I had been off work for six days and was worried that the people at work would be really upset at my supposed “back pain”.

Doctor saw me again and said “oh dear, it may be the nerve + slipped disc” as the excruciating pain came from the lower right side of my body. He quickly checked me into the hospital where the next few hours were torture. It took a good three hours before I could be checked into a room, and a further three before they finally performed an MRI scan on me.

Note: MRI scans are no fun. Felt like I was being wheeled into a furnace, what with those full thuds and zings ringing in my ears. Oh, and you have to lie as still as a corpse throughout the scan.

After a sleepless night at the hospital, doctor came in the very next morning and said

“Heigh ho! Found nothing wrong with your spine other than this little lump at the base, which is due to your upper body weight.”

“It’s not a slip disc but I’m guessing you hurt your spinal muscle real bad. I’m going to up your medication and send you for more physiotherapy sessions!”

And so, this went on for another two days…. Until the Radiologist’s report on my MRI scan came up.

The Orthopaedic surgeon came in to the room the following morning, looking less chirpy than usual

“The radiologist says there’s nothing wrong with your spine, but the scan detected a complex 5cm cyst to the right of your uterus. I think you should see a gynaecologist.”


I went to see the gynaecologist the very same day.

“Come back tomorrow with a full bladder as I can’t see your uterus,” said the Gynae, who couldn’t perform the ultrasound scan.

Went back to the uncomfortable hospital bed, the usual physio session. Even with the painkillers numbing my brain, causing a great deal of drowsiness…. It didn’t stop me from worrying.

Could the pain be caused by this cyst?

I sure hope it’s benign.

Why didn’t the orthopaedic surgeon see the cyst?

What are the people at work going to say?

I went back to the Gynae’s clinic the very next morning, having drank 1.5 liters of water and feeling very, very bloated.

“Oh. Yes you definitely have a cyst. It is a 5.3cm cyst.”

What? 5.3cm? But the report stated it’s 5cm! My imagination started to go places. What if I’m carrying some sort of monster in me.

“Since you are young it should be a dermoid cyst or a chocolate cyst (endometriosis).”

She also indicated that this isn’t a good sign, seeing I’m only 25 and have a 5.3cm foreign object lodged in the uterus.

I came back to the hospital for yet another stay, this time for surgery.

I was terrified. But mum and the fiancé were with me, soothing and putting up with my tantrums (yes I threw a massive one when deforestation had to happen. The Gynae misled me into thinking deforestation was not necessary.)

Before I knew it, nurses were wheeling me into the Operating Theatre’s waiting area.

Smells sterile. Ooh, the surgeons are wearing Hunter wellies and Crocs. Boy do their scrubs look faded and well-worn! Sign of a highly-experienced member of staff!

I kept reassuring myself. A nurse made me pop this little white pill that was supposed to knock me out a little but I was still as bright and chirpy as ever.

Anaesthetician came over and tried to find my vein to place that much dreaded IV line.

Once. Twice. Failed.

“Okay dear, looks like we’ll have to gas you,” she said. She sounded overly sweet which made me sick.

Before I knew it, they wheeled me into the operating theatre, I said hello to everyone around me and then came the gas mask.

I woke up shivering. Shaking. Someone gave me a heat wrap and had hot air blowing in my face.

“She’s still cold,” a voice said.

“Give her five more minutes,” came another.

Oh. We must be done. I’m feeling drowsy. Mmmmm….

A couple of minutes later I heard someone say

“We are taking you back to the ward now!”

I opened my eyes as they wheeled me out and was greeted with a comforting sight – Mum and the fiancé. Never was I more happy to see them both.

Mum was smiling. Fiancé looked nervous but they both touched me… And I passed out. Again.

I woke up much later to the gynae’s voice. She came to visit, and to inform us of a rather shocking discovery.

“It wasn’t just a cyst. You had a 10cm fibroid and cyst in your uterus, that’s why it took us longer to get it out.”

10cm? Didn’t the scan say 5.3cm?

I was confused. I still am confused. How could the doctors get it wrong?

Anyway, that’s the gist of what happened. There is more to the story but I’m getting too tired from having to prop my hands up and type (am lying down at the moment).

I’ve since come home (thank goodness) and the above photo is the first meal I had at home: mince pork brown rice congee with celery and purple carrots.

I can’t get out of bed without assistance, can’t roll around, can’t sit up for long, can’t stand or walk up and down the stairs for those stitches hurt like a b***h… It’s frustrating.

I’m still waiting for the medical report. I’ve been turning down offers to visit me as I’m in bad shape and am
sleeping most of the time (thanks a bunch, painkillers).

Am dozing off again… Thank you for reading and apologies if it came off incoherent… Am not quite in the right state of mind. I will update when the report is out… With good news, I hope!


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  1. Paris B April 22, 2014 / 15:31

    Oh dear that sounds like quite a rough start to the year! It’s a good thing it was caught in time and that you’re in the clear now. Rest up well and I hope you get better soon 🙂

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