Bach’s Rescue Remedy Spray to help with anxiety and stress

Everyone has troubles of their own. Some are able to cope with stress and anxiety, others aren’t. I’ve been struggling with anxiety and stress for many years now, and I’m still trying to deal with it.

When life gets a little overwhelming, I am more than willing to try anything to help alleviate the stress I’m going through.

I found Bach’s Rescue Remedy products at Boots a few years ago and thought I’d give it a go. A kind friend (who suffers from depression) recommended I get the spray version as it’s more travel friendly and lasts longer than the pastilles / drops.

Here’s what Bach Rescue Remedy is made of:

1. Impatiens – As its name goes, it’s meant to help with impatience and lower stress.

2. Star of Bethlehem – For trauma or shock.

3. Cherry Plum – For those who fear losing control of thoughts and actions.

4. Rock Rose – For situations when one experiences terror or shock.

5. Clematis – Used to draw attention to the present world. Said to help enhance creativity too.

I’ve been using the same spray for two years now (I hope it’s still safe for consumption lol) and it hasn’t gone bad… yet. I don’t use this very often as I don’t want to be dependent on products like these to get through the day… It’s only used in certain instances such as when I struggle to fall asleep – I know Bach does a Night version of Rescue Remedy but I haven’t tried that.

I also use this if I’m going on a long haul flight. I get anxious and claustrophobic so having this helps calm me down and get some sleep during the flight. Before discovering this product I would spend hours and hours watching inflight movies + dramas and arrive at the destination completely zombified. =D

Work stress? I have yet to try this at work as I’m afraid I may become addicted to this and later become a completely useless human being who can only get through the day with Bach’s Rescue Remedy Spray. Though many an incident at work has made me so very tempted to pop this in my handbag…. I might just cave in one day should work take too much of a toll on me.

Just thought of sharing this with you as I personally see this as an alternative to going completely bonkers and consuming anti-depressants (which may cause even more harm).

Some may say depression and anxiety is all in the head. I agree with that but at times, I just cannot help it. I think too much and then panic about stuff that hasn’t happened yet. Still trying my best to get to grips with this. I was advised to play the “pretend” game – where everything is completely different to what it is now but I can’t do that. Guess I’m just not imaginative or creative enough. Haha!

Thanks for hearing me rant, I hope you have a lovely day wherever you are. =)



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