Comparison post: Sleek Face Form (Fair), Blush By 3 Lace and Rose Gold blush

Phew! That was one lengthy headline! I do not have many Sleek blushes but I absolutely adore them. Love that they are cheap, cheerful (I remember paying about £4.50 for a blush and £10 for the palettes) and last very well on my skin without breaking it out!

I believe Rose Gold is Sleek's best-selling blush – it was constantly out of stock every time I hit Superdrug in Canterbury but just before I left for home, I managed to grab myself one (and a few palettes to boot) =)

The Rose Gold blush is said to be a dupe for NARS' Orgasm blush which I do not own so this will not be a comparison post on the two blushes.

Instead… This is what I've got for you today:


I'm pitting two Sleek palettes against the Rose Gold blush!

It's the first time I'm bringing these three together – Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette in Fair, Blush By 3 in Lace and Rose Gold and boy oh boy, they look somewhat similar, yet different!

(actually, the middle shade (Guipure) in the Blush By 3 palette is most similar to Rose Gold although I could have sworn the blush shade in the Face Form palette looked just like Rose Gold when I first set my eyes on it)

Nevertheless, I'm still gonna put them all together despite the fact that I perhaps am a tad colour blind that I failed to notice the Face Form blush is quite the far cry from the other shades.


Sleek blushes. They are housed in very Sleek packaging and comes with a generously sized mirror (both palettes and single blush) which is great for travel. I often pack the Blush by 3 palette with me as I like a mix of matte and shimmery blushes, though I have to admit the matte blushes get more use than the shimmery one.

Also, the fact that I do not need to worry about the blushes shattering on me or packaging melting on me gets extra plus points. It doesn't help that the blushes are such good quality – highly pigmented yet blends well and lasts all day on me.

I've had the Blush By 3 palette for nearly two years now and I've hardly made a dent in the blushes as they are just. so. pigmented.

Rose Gold is meant to be a “universally flattering” pinky coral shade with fine gold shimmer.

Here's an arm swatch of the three blushes:

All three blushes have the same underlying gold shimmer with the blush from the Face Form palette taking on more pink than coral. Also, I was surprised to discover there is quite a difference in the level of pigmentation and texture between the three blushes.

The Face Form palette blush is less pigmented than the other two (swatches were done in one swipe using fingers) whereas Guipure of Blush By 3 Lace is most pigmented but it has a tendency to rub off (note the slightly gritty texture) whereas Rose Gold is slightly more pigmented and more coral than the Face Form palette blush.

To my untrained eye, Guipure and Rose Gold are the same, just that one needs to use Guipure with a very light hand or you'd risk looking like a clown. 😉

Have you tried Sleek blushes? What do you think of them?






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  1. Nina January 2, 2015 / 06:18

    Thank you for this comparison! I wanted to get the Rose gold blush an a Face form pallete, but looking at swatches i got more and more confused whether the blush in the pallete was actually the same. Now I know there is no point buying both. 🙂

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