Hello, New Year

Murten Switzerland

Hello =)

It’s 2014. Many months have passed since I last posted something here. I myself haven’t come by, despite the fact that I have been slowly (but surely) building up a stockpile of stuff “to blog”, so I say.

How have you been?

2013, for me has been a tumultuous year. It’s the year I became a Malaysian taxpayer. The year I decided to cut myself off from “friends” as I was going through a difficult period. I won’t lie and say all’s well but I’m trying my very best to make the most out of everything that comes my way.

Surely with all these downs, silver linings exist, no? 😉

2013 is also the year I got engaged.


I’m still struggling to achieve the work / play balance but things seem a little depressing at the moment, what with my odd working hours and off days.

Thankfully, some very special colleagues at work make coming in a lot more bearable.

I really shouldn’t be moaning about this seeing it IS the New Year, but there are many things I miss.

Tonight, I’m missing the snow-capped roofs in Murten.


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