What’s on my mind #2

Time for another What’s on My Mind session! It’s been a lot better this month, everything-wise.

Today, I figured I didn’t want to put up a “list of lusts” as I did in last month’s edition because… I have been really blessed with many gifts this month and I myself did buy something I’ve wanted for quite a while now!

 I have a collection of really old mechanical watches. All of them were gifts from my parents who love collecting such watches. Sadly, many of them have stopped working and finding someone who is able to fix them is even harder. I went watch-less for a good year or so but I really wanted an automatic watch that would go the distance.

As luck would have it, I was walking around The Gardens Mall post-facial and a watch shop caught my eye. I never usually eye Seiko watches, nor any watch brand in particular as I’m just not that into them but this one caught my eye:

Seiko 5 Black Automatic ladies watch

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