Taking baby steps…. Starting with Shiseido’s Perfect Oil


Hello, it’s really
been too long. Life’s taken a turn in the complete opposite
direction for me and let’s say… All hell broke lose on my end and
I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks trying to straighten
things, and my life out.

I do love blogging, but when life takes me on a roller
coaster ride, some things just had to go. In this case, I had to
neglect my already neglected blog. To my
dear readers, however many I have left, thanks for sticking around
and I hope I will one day be able to share with you what’s been
going on at my end.

For now, I can only say: It’s complicated, but I’ll
work things out! =)

I’m gonna start really small now, and try to blog at
least three times a week.

And I’m gonna kickstart this with a cleansing oil that
has been sitting in my bathroom for quite a while now, say close to
three months? =)

Now, three
months ago, I was on a drugstore skincare kick. I love Shiseido’s
drugstore line so I kept going back to Watsons to ogle at all those
pretty Aqua Label / Senka products! Haha, I’m a little weird like

So anyway, I
have been thinking of replacing my favourite Kose Softymo Speedy
Cleansing Oil with something more accessible for a while as I can
only purchase the Speedy from sasa.com.

In comes the Shiseido Perfect range!
I’ve heard loads about the Perfect Watery Oil, thanks to Yumeko and decided to purchase a
bottle of that at RM49.90. Then, the Perfect Oil caught my
attention. It’s cheaper than the Perfect Watery Oil at RM39.90 but
so I figured, why not give this one a go too? =D

Everyone’s got preferences. I favour
light cleansing oils over heavier ones and the Perfect Oil stands
in between the categories. Perfect Oil is slightly thicker than the
Speedy Cleansing Oil but not as thick as say, the DHC cleansing oil
(which broke me out big time).

The oil comes out clear, and emulsifies pretty well.
However, it takes a few more rinses before my face feels completely
clean and devoid of residue.

Does it work? Yes, I have not tried removing waterproof
mascara with this as I always go with an eye makeup remover to do
that but this removes my base makeup pretty well. However, the
toners I use (SK-II Clear Lotion / Bioderma) sometimes picks up
some leftover makeup on my face. I’m not saying the Perfect Oil is
not doing its job well, it’s probably a case of lazy Sukie at work
where she doesn’t spread out the cleanser evenly and hence, some
makeup is left behind. =D

I also find that this needs to be used with completely
dry hands and face. If your hands are a little damp, the oil
emulsifies completely so it would not work as well should you still
apply it to your face after the oil turns milky.

Will I repurchase? Not this, for I
prefer the Speedy Cleansing Oil to this but the Perfect Watery Oil
might just change my mind!

Also, I suppose I should also note that the Perfect Oil
did not break me out. Getting change out of a RM50 note for a good
skincare product is pretty tough to come by these days so I would
recommend this to those of you who want to give oils a go!