Sampling Sundays: Dior One Essential Serum

Dior One Essential Serum

Yay for another Sampling Sundays post! Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on the Dior One Essential Serum.

As you can see in the photo above, I received two samples and have since used them up in a span of approximately three weeks.

I was first introduced to the One Essential range by the lovely Lily who managed to bag me my first One Essential serum sample. I used it once and then kept it aside as my skin was then going through a tough time with its breakouts and all.

Here’s what Dior has to say about this product:

One Essential, the first fundamental anti-ageing step by Dior:

– From the first application, skin regeneration begins: the skin is instantly brightened. It is visibly more beautiful.

Push back the limits of anti-ageing effectiveness to enhance the Beauty of Women: this is now possible with One Essential.

More than a simple serum, it is the 1st Universal Skin Boosting Super Serum by Dior.

By eliminating toxins*, One Essential triggers exceptional regeneration* to reinforce the skin’s youthfulness.

All visible signs of ageing (wrinkles, loss of firmness, uneven skin tone) are intensively corrected. Applied before any other treatment, it boosts its performance, amplifying the targeted effectiveness of major anti-ageing active ingredients** for an exceptional youthful appearance.

– From the first application, skin regeneration begins: the skin is instantly brightened. It is visibly more beautiful.

– Day after day, the skin reveals newfound youth: it is firmer, radiant, intensely repaired.

* In vitro testing of ingredients.
** In vitro testing of different anti-ageing ingredients with or without toxins.

Fast forward sometime last month, I received yet another sample of the One Essential Serum. This time, I decided to give it a full trial. I put aside all of my other serums and strictly used this. The texture’s really lightweight and doesn’t feel sticky upon application. Already a major bonus for me as I absolutely detest sticky face products! Here’s a swatch of the serum:

Dior One Essential Serum swatch

Initially, this didn’t really work well for me as I woke up to a bumpy face. The horror! I then hopped to a Dior counter and asked if this was normal. Thankfully, the SA assured me it’s perfectly fine as this only meant that the product’s at work to clear my skin of toxins!

Using it for two weeks then gave me smooth, pimple-free skin! I was ecstatic! However, I must note that this made my skin slightly drier than usual so I had to use my night moisturiser in the day just to keep my skin feeling comfortable. Other than that, I’m very happy with this product and I would love to repurchase this as soon as budget permits!

Who would benefit from using this? Hmm everyone’s skin reacts differently to various products but I do think that this would work on those who suffer from breakouts as it treats them gently without irritating the skin.

Here’s the ingredient list:Dior One Essential Serum ingredient list

In all, a lovely product I want to have on my dresser table! =)

Have you tried this, or any other serums that claim to “detoxify” the face? Do you believe in them? Let me know in the comment box below! =)


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