Dior Eye Gloss in 530 Gold Sand

The Bird of Paradise Collection. That’s where this little gem came from.

I’m that excited about this product that I just had to review it (real quick) a mere two days after acquiring this. It also helps that I managed to bag this before it launched in the country. 😉

Dior Eye Gloss Gold Sand 530

At RM98 a pop, this isn’t the cheapest product on the market but the fact that I received compliments on the very first day I wore this and even prompted a friend to purchase it on the same day itself speaks a lot about this little tube of goodness.

Allow me to produce a little blurb from Dior before blabbing on:

Fresh Luminosity and Crystal Shine. Dior gel shadow bathes eyelids in aqua freshness for a crystalline shimmer, combining wet shine with aqua light reflections for an exotic look. This water-resistant gloss goes on perfectly evenly in a single stroke for long-lasting results. Available in four multi-faceted colours.

I swatched all four colours available. Apart from this golden silvery shade, they had a coppery one, light green and a teal one. I did not swatch the other shades as I didn’t think they would suit my “neutral, day-to-day look” very well. However, my friend R who complimented me felt that Zenith, the coppery one would suit me fine!

Thankfully, I managed to exert some form of self-control  and decided against purchasing it. =)

So these eye glosses come in the size of a miniature lip-gloss tube. Application is done via a doe-foot applicator as such:

Dior Eye Gloss Gold Sand

Gold Sand takes on a slightly mousse-y texture. Dior claims the Eye Glosses are water-resistant but I doubt they are on my oily lids. Colour-wise, this is a beautiful light gold eye colour with a lot of sparkle in it. I daresay this is glitter central. Not glitter of the chunky sort, but fine, shimmery pretty glitter.

I have not tested this on bare lids but I used Etude House’s eyeshadow primer (this isn’t too bad but it isn’t great either) underneath and it lasted me a decent amount of time. 5 hours of shopping in a mall with a huge crowd on Labour Day before there was slight creasing. Not too bad for me, I reckon!

Here’s a swatch:

Dior Eye Gloss Gold Sand swatch

One swipe of the doe-foot applicator gives you the amount you see on top of the photo. It is a little too much for the lid so what I do is lightly swipe the applicator across one eye, quickly work it all over my lid with my ring finger and then swipe the same applicator across the other eye.

Having only used this twice so far, I am not the best person to provide you with an in-depth review but I find working with thin layers best for this product. As my workplace is quite casual (people here do not wear that much makeup) I like wearing two thin layers of this as it gives a rather opaque coverage without me looking overdone.

Here’s another swatch, taken under fluorescent lighting because I was trying to capture the pretty shimmer in the product:

Dior Eye Gloss Gold Sand 530 swatch light

I must admit, prior to all these “successful” Dior purchases I was not their biggest fan but it has all changed now.

I love Dior. There, I said it.

I’ve got a couple more Dior items in my pocket and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. =)

Until then, have a lovely day, everyone and thank you for dropping by! <3



  1. Becca @ The Beauty Sample May 4, 2013 / 17:20

    Ooooh so pretty–it’s just like glistening, golden sand!! Great, another item to add to the wishlist 😛

    • SukieK May 6, 2013 / 23:09

      Hello Becca dear!! It is really, really pretty! xxx

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