Trigger-Happy Thursdays: Dior Beauty Workshop

Update: Sorry this post didn’t get to see daylight yesterday! Was caught up with work and I forgot I still needed to tweak this post a little bit! +__+

Hello!! I thought I’d stay away from posting the usual photos and go on about a lovely little event I attended two Saturdays ago.

Lily blogged about an hour-long, one-to-one Dior workshop not too long ago where all we had to do is purchase a RM250 voucher (fully redeemable) and a doorgift would be presented to us (samples of one of their lipsticks and concealer, housed in a petite makeup pouch). There was a little bonus here as the first 10 people to e-mail Dior with the password ChloeAsh would receive a full-sized lipstick on top of everything else.

Needless to say, I jumped on it! After all, I was really looking forward to having this private session with a makeup artist as I have so many unanswered questions!

I was paired with Zaidi, whose hands worked magic all over my face, gently dabbing, dusting, smoothing… You get the idea.

Zaidi started everything off by removing my makeup. He used Dior’s Instant Cleansing Water to remove the makeup from my face.

One thing I noted about Dior’s products is that all of them smell really fresh. Not floral, but fresh. The Cleansing Water was no different. I was amazed at how everything came off in one swipe!

After cleansing my skin, he took a good long look at me and said that he would be using the Dior Hydra Life’s range on me. Then, some Moist and Fix was spritz onto my face. Zaidi says that this product can be used as a toner and a setting spray.

After that, The One Essential Eye Serum was used to detoxify my undereye area (really needed it) and some eye cream – Dior Capture Total Multi-Perfection Eye Treatment. They felt really comfortable around my eye area and it didn’t make me feel weighed down / tacky.

Then, some Hydra Life serum was applied all over my face (I’m sorry, I forgot what serum was used) before the Emulsion Serum (a lightweight moisturiser) was layered on.

Now, onto makeup! Zaidi took one look at my skin and said that my skintone would fit the shade 010 perfectly. Referring to my previous post where I reviewed the Diorskin Nude Foundation, I was rather taken aback as I felt that 011 was my correct shade. Lily also kindly pointed out that 011 is indeed my shade as I was matched to it while in Ipoh with her. =)

I didn’t want to say otherwise so I let Zaidi do his thing. First, he prepped my skin with the Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Makeup Base before applying the Diorskin Nude Foundation in shade 010. Some Skinflash was applied to my eye sacks and below my eyebrows as it “brightens the eye area and hides ungroomed brows”.

Zaidi then asked if I wanted a day / night look. I opted for day as I wanted a look I can pull off both day and night. He then whipped out Dior’s new Mono shadows in Tweed and Ribbon.

One little tip I found out is that Skinflash can be used as an eyeshadow primer!

Zaidi first used Tweed all over my eyelids and simply blended the single shade out. The depth this shadow gives is lovely! I term it taupe as it takes on a mauvey / rose shade with quite a bit of shimmer. Ribbon was then used to blend away any harsh edges as well as at the inner corners of my eyes.The MUA then tightlined my eyes ever so slightly with a pencil eyeliner.  Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara was then used on my lashes sans eyelash curler. Now… I was wondering why he didn’t use an eyelash curler. Zaidi claimed that the mascara would curl my eyelashes already but sadly on my straight lashes, it didn’t.

Brows were then drawn, albeit a little too much for my personal liking with a brown brow pencil.

Base makeup was set with the Diorsnow Loose Powder. The powder is pink but gave my complexion such a beautiful glow. I have a feeling I may stray from my beloved Meteorites and give this a go. =p Maybe. Zaidi insisted on using the Rosy Glow Awakening Blush on me as he felt the end result would flatter my skin well. And it did!

Lips were first plumped up with the Lip Maximier  then lined. Dior Springball lipstick and lipgloss were then applied. I couldn’t resist the lipgloss so it came home with me. =p

Just to summarise this wordy post, here’s a photo of all the items that were used on my face:

Dior workshop Kuala Lumpur

I certainly did enjoy my outing very much although the parents were rather shocked, and a little put off by how dark and thick my brows were drawn. The brows made me look rather comical so I will not be posting a photo!

In all, I really enjoyed the day out. Zaidi was lovely and accommodating, the Dior counter staff were friendly and on an unrelated note, I had Mum and Dad all to myself on that lovely day out! =p


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