Trigger-Happy Thursdays: A major compilation of photos!

Hi lovelies! I see I haven’t done a Trigger-Happy post in so long! High time I brought it back!!

As I do have a lot of back-dated *cough* Instagram *cough* photos, please allow (and pardon) me to do so! Some of these shots are ever so dear to me so I thought I’d just put them up here for those of you who do not follow me on Twitter / Instagram!

Evita Peroni hair tie

Kick-starting today’s post is a little addiction I picked up since coming home. Evita Peroni. The expensive hair accessory shop. I’ve also been growing out my fringe and was looking for something, anything to pull the annoyingly neither-long-nor-short fringe back. I casually stepped into Evita Peroni Pavilion KL and BAM. I walked out with my first purchase (in many years. The last time I walked in was to purchase a fascinator for a family friend’s wedding): A hair comb thingabob. Since then, I have three of them (in different colours). More recently, I stepped in again, simply wanting to buy something different and this hair tie / clip caught my eye. I’ll be honest. I bought it for its colour. My hair’s pretty thick so making all my hair fit into the clip is a bit of a nightmare. And I’ve only used it once. Hehe.

Coach bag

The last few months have been a bag-ful. (pun fail) A very dear friend (she used to be my boss when I interned with her but we’ve since became pretty good friends) went to America and came back with this lovely Coach clutch / handbag / purse let’s just call it the all-in-one-multitasker! The leather is extremely soft and I’m so happy the design’s simple yet elegant. Thank you, Ju! 😉

St Christopher

This is a beautiful stained glass-ish sticker. Mum and I got on a taxi en route to the train station one fine day and this lovely taxi driver had this particular sticker on his windscreen. I complimented the pretty colours and the rest is history. He gifted this to me when we got to our destination. Who says all Malaysian taxi drivers are rubbish?

Timbuk2 Custom Cargo Tote

I did say the last couple of months have been bag-ful! 😉 Here’s another, my pride and joy. =D Thanks, Steph! It’s a beautiful Timbuk2 Custom Cargo Tote. This has been on my wish list for a very long time now and I’m so happy it’s finally mine! =D


I love notebooks, diaries, planners… Whatever, and however you like calling them. They make me happy. Bright colours aren’t my kinda thing but this pretty fluorescent green little Moleskine planner just caught my eye. It was too pretty to resist. Now it rests happily in my handbag and I use it to ‘X’ my off days. 😉


Coffee. My favourite beverage. This looked prettier than it tasted, unfortunately. What mattered most was the lovely company I was in when this cup of Mocha was sipped. I met up with some much loved old friends where we bonded over Thai food (spicy, imagine my tongue flapping and me lapping up a lot of pandan-infused water) and later, coffee. I can’t even remember the name of this cafe because the Mocha was that bad. It tasted more like coffee-laced milk. +____+

SK-II Facial Treatment Cream Foundation 310, Clinique Chubby Stick 04 Mega Melon

I’ve been doing my best to stay “good”. Which is not to splurge on beauty products. Mum then decided to surprise me with these two items. I’ve always wanted to try SK-II’s cream foundation, now that my skin seems to like using their products! Also, those SK-II SAs have always told me that the cream foundation’s the one product that gives them the flawless skin needed to stand as the face of SK-II! Next is my third Clinique Chubby Stick which I have been using almost everyday now!

Seriously WTF

Hehe! Checked out Setia City Mall for the first time and stumbled upon Typo, such an amazing stationery shop. I picked this stamp up. I have not used it yet. Seriously WTF. =D


I took time off work to visit my grandmothers recently. This one’s Popo, my maternal grandmother who has such a pretty smile. Mum and my cousin are in the background, helping Popo do her grocery shop.

Looking back, I suppose I did have quite an eventful last couple of months! =D How did your week go? =)


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