MAC Archie’s Girls Collection: Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick (Betty)

MAC Archie's Girls Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick

Oh, Oh OH no! Was my reaction when I first set my eyes on MAC’s Oh, Oh, Oh lipstick.

Instead, I was drawn towards Betty Bright, a vibrant peach / coral shade. Mum, however had second thoughts about it and insisted I tried Betty Bright on before purchasing it. So I did.

To my astonishment, Betty Bright did not look good on me! Mum then pointed at this one:

MAC Archie's Girls Oh, Oh, Oh Betty Lipstick

Allow me to digress. I grew up reading Archie. Even more so when my brother came into the world. Step into his room today and you’ll see rows and rows of nothing else but Archie comic books. I was really excited when I heard MAC was going to collaborate with Archie so I rushed to the stores on the very day they launched! =D

Now back to the review!

And I was, like. Really? Are you serious? It’s brown in the tube, Mum! Brown!!

MAC Archie's Girls Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick in tube

Upon swatching the lipstick on my arm, I gasped. It took on a plum colour that looked rather wearable to me. =)

MAC Archie's Girls Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick swatch

Oh, Oh, Oh takes on a Lustre finish, which means it’s a rather sheer lipstick. The swatch on the left was done with one swipe whereas the one on the right was done with three.

This then begs the question: Do I like it?

I’m not fussy with sheer lipsticks so I do enjoy wearing it! Another thing I like about this is I never need to look at a mirror when reapplying because I know I can’t go too wrong with this! Should I attempt applying an opaque lipstick sans mirror, I’m pretty sure I’d come off looking extremely weird with lipstick all over the lower half of my face! =D

The plummy shade does go well with me, but the only slight problem is that you would need to reapply ever so often! Thankfully for me, this lipstick did not dry my lips out so another brownie point goes to it 😉

Did you purchase anything from this collection? Do you love Archie as much as I do? Or should I say, are you a Betty / Veronica kind of girl? 😉 Do share!


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