K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner in Super Black

Eyeliner and I. We have got a love-hate relationship going. I would love to wear eyeliner as I think it brings more definition to my eyes. I would also like to think that wearing eyeliner makes my eyes look awake. They are so bloodshot and red from lack of sleep.

The only downside to all that talk is that I can never get eyeliner to work for me. Initially, I had this disease called the Wobbly-Hand Syndrome (WHS). Then, kind Doctor Lily of ChloeAsh gave me a private lesson on how to line and tightline my eyes! =)

My hands are still wobbly. But with much practice, I manage to get the hang of applying eyeliner. Then comes a little problem. I’ve got oily lids and my eyes have a tendency to water most of the time.

Finding the perfect eyeliner is very hard work for me. I’ve tried so many eyeliners, in pencil form, mostly as I am terrified of liquid eyeliners.

Then my dearest soulmate – Stephanie of Beaute Fabuleuse decides to gift me with a liquid eyeliner, her HG in fact!

K-Palette Real Lasting eyeliner 1 Day Tattoo Super Black

This product is said to be smudge-proof, waterproof and even sebum-proof.  =D

Here’s a look at the felt-tip brush:

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner Super Black Felt Tip

This is my first experience with a liquid liner and I was pleasantly surprised. The tip wasn’t hard and sharp as I expected it to be. Lines drawn were fine and always will be, unlike pencils which needed sharpening.

I do not wear eyeliner on a regular basis as my eyes are easily irritated. But when I do, this is my go-to eyeliner. It’s easy enough for silly me to apply, it stays on without smudging or flaking and it’s properly black.

Guys, at this point of writing, I have actually used this eyeliner up. Only then did I gasp and realise that I forgot to take a swatch of this!

Thankfully, that’s nothing a little bit of Google couldn’t fix! I stumbled upon K-Palette’s Japanese website (you may Google Translate into any language you are comfortable with) where the old version of the eyeliner is put to test against their new reformulated one. I think the one I’m using is the one with the old formula but it already works so well for me that I wonder what the new formula’s like! =)

Here’s the link!

Now if you would excuse me, I need to head to the nearest Sasa to replenish my stock! I’m thinking of trying this out in Brown. What do you think? Have you tried anything from the K-Palette range? =)



  1. Stephanie/Yukaeshi April 19, 2013 / 17:45


    I gave you the eyeliner because I heard that dear Lily had given you lessons… and of course I heard about your problems with finding an eyeliner. I’m very glad you like it, though! 🙂

    I’ve just cracked open my second one now actually… one does last a long long time even with everyday usage! *_* Yes, it’s a HG for me mainly because it’s much more easily available to me 🙂 But then again it is wonderful no doubt. I think mine is also still the old formula now and I might get a backup- that one might be the new formula and I’m quite keen to try it and see if it’s better or at least as good!

    • SukieK April 24, 2013 / 13:14

      Hello Soulmate!! <3 Yes I am thinking of getting myself another too because I like using it so much! Thanks for introducing yet another fab HG product to me! xxxx

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