Haul, although I really shouldn’t have!

It all started with me having itchy fingers. This haul happened in one day (yesterday) when I was out in the city. A rare feat, especially for a weekend since my work now requires me to work certain, if not most weekends.

I have the dear Lily of ChloeAsh to thank for the Dior items you will be seeing in the photo.

Before I proceed, here’s the damage done:


I really shouldn’t have. O.o

You must be thinking: Are you out of your mind, Sukie? Two cleansing oils? Seriously?

Well…… I have been tempted to try these two cleansing oils Shiseido has to offer for quite a while now and Watsons was doing a 10% discount on the range. Decided to grab both to try out at the same time as my favourite Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil is running out. May the best oil win!

I then blame my itchy fingers for searching Biore’s UV Aqua Rich Watery BB Water Base.

It has SPF50, the texture’s really light and airy and oh my goodness the shade!! It takes on a really light beige colour (same colour as the tube, to my eye) and blended completely into my skin. My arm, to be precise.

I am sold. I will be trying this out over the next couple of days and I’m really, really hoping it won’t break me out!

Onto the Dior stuff. Lily raves so much about the Capture Totale Eyes Essential Serum. I got it. And I hope this will finally sort out my major eye sack issue.

Then came the gloss. It’s Spring (or technically should be spring in the UK), hence the Spring Ball lipgloss. Okay, I jest.

I’ve always wanted to own a Dior lipgloss. Lemming fulfilled today. 🙂

There are a couple more things I bagged today but they are little samples in which I shall talk about them… Come another day.

Happy Sunday, folks and be grateful you are happily lazing at home while some people (a.k.a yours truly) has to head to work! 🙂



  1. Lily @ChloeAsh April 7, 2013 / 09:44

    Spring Ball is lovely! Except that the gloss is a little too shimmery for my liking. You have to use the eye serum under another eye cream ok? I’m still using it and loving it! What’s that Rouge Dior I see there?

    • SukieK April 7, 2013 / 15:50

      Hello Lily! Yes it is and I actually didn't realise how shimmery the gloss is… Until you mentioned it! The MUA used it on me and the dim lighting made it look rather normal (not too shimmery, more pearl-like shimmer) but boy was I wrong! Also, thanks for the heads up regarding the eye serum! I've been using it sans eye cream and my eye area feels a tad dry! It's Rouge Dior 314, Angelique Beige, methinks! xxx

  2. Rainy Days & Lattes April 7, 2013 / 09:51

    Oh! I love your haul 🙂 a lot of good useful things. I always think skincare is justifable because you will actually use it 😀

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • SukieK April 7, 2013 / 15:41

      Hello dear! Thank you for dropping by! =) Yes I hope they all are good buys as I sure have blown my budget for the next month or so! 😉 I hope you've had a lovely weekend yourself! xxx

  3. Siaw Tan April 16, 2013 / 17:03

    Hahaha … You are not alone. I once bought three bottles of cleansing oils in one go!

    And my friend thought that I had gone nuts as well. LOL!

    • SukieK April 18, 2013 / 20:22

      Hahaha thank you, lovely! It's good to know I'm not alone! xxxx

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