Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation 011 review

I don’t know where to start with this foundation! The boyfriend got this this in December last year when we were in Penang. It was, he claims, an early, and the only Christmas gift I’ll be getting from him. I, on the other hand called it an “everyday gift,” much to his dismay. 😉

The Diorskin Nude foundation has been reformulated, and boy am I glad I waited for this to appear on the shelves before taking the plunge!

Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation 011

First looks, it’s housed in an elegant, slim glass bottle that feels good to the touch. Everything about the packaging screams luxury. The lid is reassuringly heavy and clicks into place with a nice, quiet thud. The pump dispenses just the right amount of product. Not too much, not too little. Just right. Just perfect. The pump feels really posh too. Since I’m that bad at bringing tactile imagery to the blog, allow me to direct you to Dior counters worldwide where you may pump the testers and hopefully, get what I mean. 😉

Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation 011 pump

For now, I hope a photo will do.

Here’s what Dior has to say about the Nude foundation:

The star product in the Diorskin Nude range, this cult fluid is the essential item on every backstage make-up artist’s table, and is their secret for creating the enhanced nude look envied by all. In 2012, this light fluid acquires a new subtle velvet finish that blends into the skin, to deliver just the right amount of coverage without masking the skin’s texture. This creates a shine-free, natural glow with a bare skin effect. Women who dream of perfect skin texture and a radiant complexion need look no further: this is the must-have product.

My thoughts exactly.

Like all foundations, I have a problem matching myself to a shade. The Nude foundation comes in three undertones – neutral, yellow and pink. The neutral shades end with a “0”, yellow ends with “1” and pink, “2”.

A little drama ensued at the Dior counter. SA matched me to shade 010, which is the lightest “neutral” shade. I used the quote marks as I did find 010 leaned pink. Blended into my skin, I looked okay but the redness in my skin still peeked through, making my skin look slightly darker than my neck.

I tried on 011, the lightest shade with yellow undertones and it fit me to a T. Skin looked even, not sallow and it looked like second skin.

The irony to this is that Zaidi, the MUA who gave me a Dior makeover courtesy of ChloeAsh matched me to 010 instead. Again, I looked okay but my neck looked lighter than my face. Not that very much lighter but light enough for me to notice.

I hope it’s not a “you problem“.

Back at the counter pre-purchase, the boyfriend took a look at me wearing 011 and said it looked perfect even though the SA kept saying 010 was my ‘perfect shade’. In the end, I pulled a Steph and went with what my other half recommended.

For those in the dark, Steph’s husband has got a great eye for foundation shades and he always knows which shade would suit Steph just by looking at swatches online. Unfortunately, Paul’s* not quite there yet!

I need to rave about the pump again. It dispenses just the right amount and the texture of the Nude foundation is rather solid in a way. It doesn’t slide all over my hand like the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation (review here).

Instead, it stays in a nice blob, beckoning me to use it. Texture-wise, this foundation applies like a dream! Its lightweight and thin texture means the product has a lot of slip. I like to gently touch my finger against the surface of the foundation and apply it to my face in a light dabbing motion. After dabbing it on with my fingers, I bring out the Shiseido Foundation Brush to blend out the harsh edges.

For me, this product gives me really good medium coverage. After buffing the foundation in with my favourite foundation brush, all the redness on my face disappears. If you have an unsightly blemish, the redness gets taken away and only thing left to do would be to lightly dab on a little more foundation so the zit is fully covered.

The finish this product gives is lovely. Nude isn’t overly dewy or matte. On my combination skin it just gives me the perfect glow. I have to say this is the only foundation I’ve used in extremely humid weather. I’ve braved a gig wearing this as war paint.

Of course, there’s a catch. I wear primer underneath. I have to say I’ve found the perfect combination for braving the hot, humid weather here in sunny Malaysia without having my base makeup slide off my face.

First, I prime my face with MUFE’s HD Primer. Then I apply a thin layer of the Nude foundation (which already gives me medium coverage). I then set the foundation with a light dusting of Guerlain’s Meteorites.

That, my dears gives me the confidence to walk along the streets of Kuala Lumpur, knowing for sure that my base makeup will not slide, will not cake, and will not make me look like Oompa Loompa.

However, I must admit that wearing this alone does make the foundation slide off a little (my T-zone’s rather oily) and it starts to gather around the sides of my nose. Those of you with dry skin may find this foundation a little drying but normal to oily skin types may fall in love with this!

Instead of swatching the Nude foundation alone, I thought I’d add in two other foundations in my stash and it did catch me by surprise.

How, you ask?

Here’s swatch photo #1, taken under natural light:

Natural light Dior Diorskin Nude 011 Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 SK-II Facial Treatment Cream Foundation 310

From left-right: Diorskin Nude Foundation 011, Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation 51, SK-II Facial Treatment Cream Foundation 310

The above swatch photo was not edited. At a glance, all three foundations look exactly the same, which really surprised me as I do have quite a wide array of foundations, some more pink than others but still work well for me. But these three foundations are my favourite and can even be considered Holy Grail products for me.

Allow me to describe these three shades really briefly as this post sure is getting long!

Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation 011

This takes on a very light yellow shade with no pink undertones at all. This is the most pigmented and driest in texture, compared to the other two. Do not get me wrong though, this is NOT a matte foundation but when compared to the other two, this takes on a slightly more powdery texture.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51 (Original)

This actually has achieved HG status on my blog a long time ago. I’ve even featured it in most of my FOTDs, not that I have many but it’s just that good that I keep using it! =D Here’s the link if you want to look up on a comparison post I did with this product! If I were to just look at a swatch of this, this looks yellow. Compared with the Dior one though, this is still yellow, but looks more neutral. Texture’s also slightly creamier than Dior but still has a lot of slip to it.

SK-II Facial Treatment Cream Foundation 310

My most expensive foundation purchase to date. I have not had this for very long so I’m going to let you in on what I think about it based on using it for about two weeks. Among the three foundations mentioned, this one is the creamiest but fret not, it doesn’t slide off your face by midday. What sorcery is this, you wonder? I wonder too. =) With this, I do not even use primer but it’s still too early to tell as I have not braved much humid weather with this. =D Again, on its own, it looks yellow but compared with the other two, this does have a very slight pink undertone to it.

I always receive compliments when wearing these three foundations. 😉

I tried taking another swatch photo, this time under artificial lighting:

Fluorescent Light Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation 011 Healthy Mix Foundation 51 SK-II Facial Treatment Cream Foundation 310

From left-right: Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation 011, Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51, SK-II Facial Treatment Cream Foundation 310

Although there is a slight different to the swatch photo taken under natural light, I could barely see a difference in the photo taken under artificial light. Note that the above photo is unedited too. =)

Back to the Nude foundation. I love it for it’s slightly drier finish. This means I will not need to worry about it sliding off my face (with primer underneath) even if I’m walking along Jalan Bukit Bintang (one of the most famous streets in Kuala Lumpur). Think congested streets, dusty roads, humid weather and more. However hot it is, the Nude foundation never strays from my face. It does not budge. AT ALL.

I know it’s not the MUFE primer because the Bourjois Healthy Mix sometimes strays if it gets too hot eg. Chinese New Year when I’ve got to house-hop.

So it’s got to be the Nude foundation. 😉 I’m pretty sure those with skin drier than me would not need to use primer underneath as this would just sit happily on your skin all day looking incredibly natural. I have so much love for this product that I’d go on and on but I don’t think anyone would appreciate me doing that!

Some people believe they only ever need one foundation in their life. I, on the other hand, believe we need a foundation for different occasions. 😉

What’s your current go-to foundation? Please share! =)



  1. Hanny Daforcena April 16, 2013 / 12:53

    Beautiful review you have there!

    Personally, I agree with you that SAs prefer lighter shades for us, heck, even my aunts who go shopping with me lectured me on the importance of the face appearing lighter and brighter with a “fairer” shade of foundation.

    Woots for you that you’ve got a new HG foundation! Mine is the MAC Pro Longwear – hands down. It lasts, its stays – it’s relatively high end but relatively affordable. It will soon be dethroned by the Sheer Glow though. WOOPS I’ve yet to review it, sorry. Bleh. work.

    Have a nice day!

    • SukieK April 16, 2013 / 15:28

      Hello!! I don't know if my post was a little confusing or what but 010 is actually a tad darker than 011. =) The supposedly 'lighter' shade made my face look darker. =p I can't wear any of the MAC foundations. Just can't seem to find a decent match and they break me out! Yes I'm still waiting for that Sheer Glow review of yours 😉 You have a lovely day yourself! xx

  2. Lily @ChloeAsh April 16, 2013 / 16:39

    A good one, Sukie. Dior makes my favourite foundations, from this Nude to the new Diorsnow and Diorskin Forever. I can’t stop gushing when it comes to Dior. You were matched 011 when you were in Ipoh, remember? 010 is also too pink for my face that gets red easily, so a yellow based foundation is definitely needed to calm down the redness. Yay for getting this!

    As for the swatches, I can definitely tell Bourjois is more neutral while SKII is more pink. Dior is yellower. The second photo of the swatch is more apparent 🙂

    • SukieK April 18, 2013 / 20:25

      HELLO!!!! Ooh i think my colour-blindness must have kicked in as I couldn't really tell the swatches apart in the second photo. Yes, I did remember I was matched to 011 in Ipoh but the SA in Penang kept going on about how 010 fit me to a 'T' and all that so I was kinda swayed… Thankfully I stuck with my gut feeling and got the 011 instead!

  3. Becca @ The Beauty Sample April 19, 2013 / 15:28

    I have been curious about this one for a long time. Kinda worried that it tends to slide without a primer but eh…I guess i’m used to it by now 😛 The color looks great though! I feel like I’ve been having problems with foundations shades lately. I’ve been trying to find a new “HG” after Bobbi Brown discontinued my favorite Natural Finish Long Lasting foundation, so I’ve been using a lot of brands’ offerings and I’m finding that nothing is matching me as perfectly as Bobbi Brown’s more yellow-toned foundations do. Maybe I’ll just have to suck it up and get the next best thing: the new Long Wearing foundation. I don’t like it as much but I suppose it’ll do :/

    • SukieK April 19, 2013 / 15:37

      Hey Becca!! This is really good and doesn\’t slide if you use a primer! Most, if not all foundations I\’ve tried slide on me if I wear them without (and sometimes, even with primer) so this does its job amazingly well! =D xxx

  4. Sam July 30, 2013 / 03:42

    Hi there! Just wanna pipe in on the rave on this product.
    Coincidentally, I have two of your featured foundation here in the same shade. Not the skii though, im poor as a church mice as it is already :p
    However, do you find the diorskin nude a wee bit heavier, siliconey sorta feel as compared to, say, the Bourjois?
    We might be foundation shade buddies, the 011 fits me pretty good too, however it oxides 2 secs after application, so i might be a shade darker i suspect..
    Im not a big fan of Mac foundation, i only own one, and i thought you might be interested to check out the color. It is the mineralized foundation in nc15. It comes in a small tub of cream, but do note that this foundation runs a bit darker if compared to the other mac foundation. It is not as yellow too, in fact, very alike the diorskin 011, a touch pinkier perhaps.
    It is fine on my normal skin, not as oily as some would be exaggeratedly be horrified with creme foundation, more of the psychological factor of the word cream foundation i would think.
    Sorry to rattle on. Just excited that someone has the same shade for two foundation i own!
    Ok, i really need to stop now. Tata.
    Love, sam.

  5. MJ May 15, 2015 / 03:20

    thank you for this post! i tried 010, it looks good, love the texture but aft many hours later, my face went darker than my neck! i too have redness in my skin & its a nightmare trying to get the perfect shade! hopefully 011 is my shade.

  6. Chris January 2, 2016 / 08:11

    Anyone know where you can purchase Dior 011 off the market? They no longer have that color!! This was my favorite makeup.

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