Optrex Actimist 2 in 1 Eye Spray (Dry + Irritated eyes)

I work in a fully air-conditioned environment and my job requires me to stare at my screen all day.

Prior to this, I am not used to staring at a computer screen for so many hours at an end so my eyes became really dry and uncomfortable.

I can’t really use eye drops as I have an eye drop phobia as I once poked my eye really badly when I attempted to administer eye drops to my infected eye (can’t remember what kind of infection it was) when I was 8.

Boy was I a bloody mess as I went to mum saying

“Mummy, I think my eye is bleeding”


So two years ago, I discovered the amazingly (then) new product from Optrex:

Optrex Actimist 2in1 Dry + Irritated Eyespray

I had a little help from Optrex’s website so here’s what they have to say about this product:

How it works?

Your eyes are covered by a thin layer of liquid called the tear film, which helps prevent your eye’s moisture from evaporating. When your eyes’ get dry it’s usually because your tear film has broken up and developed tiny gaps which allow moisture to evaporate from the eyes. Optrex Actimist™ helps repair your tear film in an amazing way.

Spray on closed eyes.

  • You don’t need to put anything directly into your eye or even touch your eye: just spray Optrex Actimist™ Eye Spray onto your closed eyelids
  • You can use Optrex Actimist™ Eye Spray even while you are wearing contact lenses or eye make-up
  • Optrex Actimist™ Eye Spray is easy and convenient to use – anytime, anyplace.

Works on dry, irritated eyes!

  • The tiny particles in Optrex Actimist™ Eye Spray collect at the edges of your eyelid
  • When you open your eyes the particles gently work their way in, then in a few blinks the particles spread across the surface of your eye
  • As the spray is made from a similar ingredient as your natural tear film it helps to repair the gaps in your damaged tear film
  • This reduces the loss of moisture from the eye and helps restore the natural moisture balance for soothing, clinically proven relief. 

Optrex Actimist 2in1 Dry + Irritated Eyespray uncapped

All that aside, what makes me happiest is that this product does not need to be disposed within a month! Each spray bottle contains 100 applications and it can be used up to 6 months after opening.

Optrex makes two different eye sprays, one being this one for Dry + Irritated eyes and the other is for Tired + Uncomfortable eyes.

I have used both and I feel they both work the same. Maybe it’s just me with my dead nerves / cells but they both work well for me!

All I do is spritz twice on each closed eyelid (not holding the spray too close, recommended distance is 10cm from the eye but I don’t know how to measure 10cm so I just estimate), let it sink in for a while before opening my eyes. It soothes my tired, bloodshot eyes like no other and the very best part?

No more bleeding eyes!

Dad currently swears by this. He has always had a dry / irritated eye problem and I bought this the moment it launched at Boots (I remember it was £14.99 then, but it’s currently £12.89) and I have been repurchasing it for him ever since!

Oh, this is contact lens wearer friendly too and it does not mess our eye makeup up!

I’m a little wary about reviewing stuff that’s found in the pharmacies but I’ve really found this to be the best soothing eye product I’ve ever tried, well not that I’ve tried many but even though it does cost more than regular eye drops, I think it works out to be about the same price as regular eye drops cost about RM10 and this RM60 one will see me through the next 6 months!

I hope no one here suffers from dry, tired eyes but if you do, do you have a remedy for it? My eyes have been really unhappy ever since I started this job so I highly appreciate any recommendations you may have! =)



  1. Siti March 7, 2013 / 03:28


    Just curious, can you get this in Malaysia? Sure would help with all the screen staring I have to do all day long too. Worse yet, I think I’m also losing my eyesight because of it. Man, being a working girl is not easy on the eyes but this product sounds like it’s been sent from the heaven’s above so if anyone knows where to get it in Malaysia, please spread the word.

    I’ve tried eye drops but for some reason they make my eyes itchy and I feel like instead of soothing my eyes, it just makes me look like I’ve just finished crying a river. So I stay away from them and opt instead to do eye exercises by looking away from the screen, across the room and at anything green (supposedly an eye-soothing color)… I must confess sometimes I just take that opportunity to also watch people but I try not to look like I’m staring at someone with envy (although I may want to secretly slap someone’s face because she has such flawless skin) and it would be a whole lot more fun if Brad Pit worked in my office so then I could stare at him all I want and if one were to ask I could just claim to be resting my eyes and correcting my vision with some eye candy :p

    • SukieK March 7, 2013 / 14:14

      Hello Siti, thanks for dropping by! =) You sure did make me laugh when you spoke of wishing Brad Pitt worked in your office! Don't we all? 😉 Sadly, I haven't seen this product anyway in Malaysia / Singapore (asked friends to look it up for me) so I'm afraid the only way to go is in the UK or maybe, Australia! Eye drops tend to irritate my eyes more, just like you so having this is really a godsend. =p I hope you find some place that sells them, or someone who can ship it over to you xxx

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