L’occitane Pivoine Flora eau de toilette review

Come to think of it, I’ve never done a fragrance review as I find it intimidating. The fusion of various notes, scents never fail to do my head in.

I have a sensitive nose. Whenever I step into an intensely perfumed shop eg. Lush stores in the UK and The Lovely Lace shops in Malaysia…. I go all heady and nauseous with all those smells that come together all at once!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I still love Lush. But this is how I describe smells. If it’s too strong it stinks. Too mild there’s no scent.

So what if it smells good? I’ll just say

“Oooh this is such a lovely scent! I love how ‘floral’ it smells!”

This is where my problem comes in. Let’s say I own a lovely perfume. It’s lovely. I like it. It smells nice. It doesn’t make me smell like week-old-garbage. End of story. 😉

My journey with fragrance has been a ‘touch and go’ one as I don’t wear perfume everyday, due to my forgetfulness.

Last Christmas, Mum decided to gift me with this Pivoine Flora eau de toilette from L’occitane and I thought I should at least talk about this because this has turned me into a bit of a perfume junkie and I now wear perfume nearly everyday! =)

L'occitane Pivoine Flora

So how shall I proceed with this review? I went to my good friend Google and look what he found via L’occitane UK’s website:

The fragrant atmosphere of a garden filled with peonies on a spring morning…

Paeonia Eau de Toilette captures the subtle aura of the peony flower in a rich floral fragrance with hints of green freshness.The feminine bottle evokes the delicate roundness of a peony as it comes into bloom.

There is a Mediterranean legend of a beautiful nymph named Paeonia who was so courted by the gods that a jealous goddess transformed her into a flower with a thousand petals: a peony.Since then this symbol of beauty and femininity brightens every spring with its dazzling show of colours and scents.

Top notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Green notes

Heart notes: Peony, Rose

Base notes: White Musks, Sandalwood.

My thoughts? I like floral fragrances that do not smell too flowery nor in-your-face. Some cloyingly sweet floral scents such as Jasmine do not agree with me as scents like these make me feel a little sick.

The Pivoine Flora fragrance is housed in this pretty two-toned bottle which I really like as it’s simple, unobtrusive and easy to pack away on holiday due to its size.

Scent wise, It’s really fresh! Not your typical DKNY Be Delicious kind of fresh, slightly sickening apple scent but a nice subtle Rose / Peony scent with a slight woody after scent… If that makes any sense at all. As mentioned above, this fragrance comes with Bergamot, Grapefruit and Green top notes.

On my skin, the green notes stand out with the Peony / Rose scent. After letting the perfume settle into my skin, its woody scent surfaces. There is nothing sharp about this scent, just soothing smells of nature.

In fact, the Pivoine Flora perfume smells a little of what spring’s like when I used to take many a walk in the park and my nose just picks up the subtle scent of flowers, woody branches, and a bit of grass.

This is definitely not something that hits you right in the face when you smell it. The scent develops as the hours pass and here comes a teeny con about the product.

The scent doesn’t last very long! With normal eau de toilettes, I only need 2-3 spritzes and the scent lingers until the end of the day but with this one… I need at least 6 spritzes for the perfume to last all day.

Well, that also means Pivoine Flora will run out faster than my other fragrances and this will leave me with some room to either replenish or stick my nose / skin into another perfume!

I can’t remember how much Mum paid for this but it’s £37 in the UK. I doubt it is much more expensive over here in Malaysia so approximately RM170 for a lovely perfume isn’t too bad… is it? 😉

Do you have a favourite floral fragrance to share? =)




  1. Becca @ The Beauty Sample February 19, 2013 / 15:59

    Ooh this sounds lovely! I really should check out L’Occitane scents more often–I know they had a floral LE one for the holidays that I liked but didn’t want to get because, well, I hate LE scents. If I love it and want to wear it, I want to also be assured that I can replenish to my heart’s desire. I do love florals though–Love, Chloe has been a favorite for a while and just recently, I fell in love with Gucci’s Flora by Gucci!

    • SukieK February 20, 2013 / 17:46

      I like L'occitane scents too but the only problem is that they do not last very long! Oh i had a whiff of Flora and I really, really liked it. Only thing that stopped me from purchasing it was its price tag: Fragrances are quite expensive over here in Malaysia! =( I have Chloe's perfume but mum nicked it as she really liked the scent. Lol!

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