Guerlain Rouge G Orange Euphorique

These days, it’s all about being bright and cheery.

Even if I’m feeling a tad low, it still is about being bright and happy.

What helps more than a bright, intense orange lippie that sends one straight into euphoria?

I’m not sure what’s gotten to me these days but I have been making quite the drastic change from wearing a nude / MLBB look to brights.

In comes this lipstick from Guerlain. I have owned this for a while now (maybe close to two years?) but only re-discovered it lately as I was scrambling through my stash for a CNY-esque lipstick.

It’s been sitting in my bag since and you can see how much is left!

45 Guerlain Rouge G

Actually, this lippie was purchased after my very first lipstick which happens to be from the same brand (review here). I wasn’t too keen on getting it due to its name – Orange Euphorique but the SA assured me that it isn’t as pigmented as it looks in the bullet and that it is a lovely shade.

Now, Orange Euphorique is not your usual neon orange lipstick. It looks orange in the bullet but it comes off more coral when worn. Housed in a beautiful black case as opposed to the usual silver Rouge G packaging, this poses a slight problem to me as it seems to pick up more fingerprints than usual.

That aside, this Rouge G glides on smoothly but the texture is a little grittier than its counterparts due to the presence of gold glitter. Fret not, for this still is a lovely lippie!

Guerlain Rouge G 45 Orange Automatique
Here’s an arm swatch:
Arm swatch Guerlain Rouge G Orange Automatique 45

I see wearing a bright lip as the easiest way to perk up my otherwise tired face. I have been keeping my dailly makeup routine really simple, with me wearing only powder foundation, concealer and some blush so having something bright does make some difference.

Want to see how this looks on my lips? Here you go! I only wore one layer of Orange Euphorique and it doesn’t look too bright, perfect for those of you who are tempted to give bright colours a go but are a little shy to do so. 😉

Guerlain Rouge G  Orange Euphorique Swatch 45


I foresee this is going to be a year of bright lips for myself as I rarely gravitate towards something bold. I guess even I surprise myself sometimes!

Are you a fan of bold lips? Let me know! =)



  1. gin February 21, 2013 / 10:56

    gorgeous colour!!! i can imagine your face wearing it hahaha~~

    • SukieK February 21, 2013 / 15:29

      Hello Gin!! Aww thank you very much <3 Happy Chinese New Year to you! (still in time, aren't I? :p)

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