Monthly update and giveaway announcement!

Howdy, everyone! I’ve been going on and on about how I really want to get back into blogging properly but Time seemed to evade me more than anything else so I truly, truly apologise about these random hiatuses!

Today, I want to talk a little about what I’ve been doing over the last couple (okay, two-going-on-three) weeks. Let’s start with after the “wedding of the year” where I packed more than enough makeup to last 4 people a good year or so.


I started my first proper job (that’s how I like to call it) immediately after returning from beautiful, sunny Penang.

I work rather unconventional hours but I am enjoying what I do. Very much indeed! What I do now revolves around writing and editing. Loads and loads of it. Doing so makes me really happy for some reason and even the fact that it can get a little stressful sometimes does not affect the way I feel about the job.

Job aside, I’ve kick-started the very first item on my New Year’s Resolution list. Actually, this has been on top of my resolution list over the past four years or so but I am finally……..


Well… Not that drastic a diet where I go on Weight Watchers and the like but I have been making teeny changes to my diet like…

Grazing on grass for dinner.

I digress. Salads are expensive!! Prior to starting this whole I-shall-only-have-salad-for-dinner-thing, I never realised how expensive vegetables cost! Mum tries to buy only organic vegetables for the household and she does the same for my salads but oh my, they do cost quite a bit!

I played accountant for a bit just to see how much one serving of salad would cost me. Here’s a list of what I usually place in my salads:

1. Fresh corn

2. Carrot shavings

3. Cucumber (the Japanese variant)

4. Mini cos lettuce

5. Wild Rocket

6. Cherry / Plum Tomatoes

7. Red Coral lettuce

A little of all the above with some other random bits like dried cranberries or some pine nuts / almonds. Whichever catches my fancy.

Sukie the play-accountant then brings you the grand total: an average of RM7-8 per serving.

For me, I like likening the cost of food to a plate of chicken rice. I used to eat chicken rice nearly everyday when I was doing my A-Levels as it was the cheapest at RM3.50.

Imagine my horror when I discovered one meagre (okay, I eat a huge Tupperware of salad but that’s not the point) portion of salad get get me two plates of chicken rice.

I bet chickens cost more than vegetables. Sigh.

On top of this change in meal thingy, I made a rather drastic lifestyle change….. By joining the gym.

You see, I have been tremendously blessed with lovely colleagues.

One of them supports my stance to lose weight so much that she decided to join the gym with me!! So we now hit the gym a couple of hours before work and then have a quick shower and meal before work starts.

Life seems pretty good for me, don’t you think? πŸ˜‰


My body has been aching in places. First day of gym the personal trainer decided to kick my big bottom by making me do squats and all that gym jazz I am still not accustomed to.

I couldn’t sleep that night. I was this close to taking pain killers to ease the pain.

The second day was better. A lot better but I still ached all over.

I am hoping this isn’t just a fad and I will stick to it because I am properly fat and I don’t want to grow any bigger (size wise).

I’m also hoping to lose a bit of weight (is 5kg too much) by Chinese New Year because… I think I’ve expanded more than enough to last me a lifetime.

So who’s with me? =D

Finally, we have a winner for my First Giveaway of the year!! Congratulations, Milda!!! =) If I do not hear from Milda within the next 48 hours the gift shall go to someone else. Thanks for participating, everyone and keep your eyes peeled as I’ve got more little giveaways like these lined up for you!



  1. gin January 21, 2013 / 10:00

    wow! sukie!ο½•γ€€ο½ο½’ο½…γ€€ο½’ο½…ο½ο½Œο½Œο½™γ€€ο½ο½Žγ€€ο½†ο½•ο½Œο½Œγ€€ο½’ο½…ο½‡ο½‰ο½ο½…γ€€ο½”ο½γ€€ο½Œο½ο½“ο½…γ€€ο½—ο½…ο½‰ο½‡ο½ˆο½”οΌοΌοΌ






    • SukieK January 22, 2013 / 23:36

      Thanks for all the encouragement, Gin! I admit I went a little over (well the trainer did anyway) with all those


      That kind of killed me a little but I\’m starting to enjoy it. πŸ˜‰ I don\’t go everyday but I try to when I\’ve got work =D

  2. Becca @ The Beauty Sample January 21, 2013 / 17:25

    Glad to hear you are happy at the new job so far, Sukie!! I knew everything would turn out! And also props to you for taking the initiative to get healthy! I REALLY need to start getting off my butt and start working out and eating healthier. I have noticed my eating habits have deteriorated over the last year. I snack at odd hours of the night, eat lots of sugar and junk food/fast food, and WAY too much butter (i like buttered toast a lot :P). I really, REALLy would like to change that!

    • SukieK January 22, 2013 / 23:41

      You are far too skinny, Becca! you don\’t need to work out at all!

      Oh dear… Buttered toast… It\’s now 11.41pm over here and I\’ve developed a sudden craving for Buttered Toast. Gah.

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