Excessive packer.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed me flooding your timeline at about 7am (Malaysian time) yesterday. The last day of 2012 was a crazy one for me where my body simply had to kick the day off on a high note, temperature wise. It is frustrating for me as I only just recovered from a bad cold, and having this with another last minute piece of news sent my body into overdrive.

Then comes the reason behind me flooding Twitter with one too many tweets at once. I received a call from Mum while I was out yesterday asking me to book myself a ticket back to my hometown up north. Apart from that, I had to book myself a ticket out of that city the very next day and head to the Pearl of the Orient, with grandma in tow. Tickets also had to be booked for her to travel back to said hometown a couple of days later, this time the companion being an aunt.

Upon receiving the news (which is great news, by the way) I had to rush to purchase all the tickets. Thank goodness I had my Ipad with me or I would have gone a little bonkers as I was going to be out until late evening. Tickets were bought, words exchange, transportation arranged and here I am, telling you the story of how I can never, ever pack light.

I flew back to my hometown with Air Asia, Malaysia's famous low-cost carrier and I proudly proclaimed to mum the night before

“Yay I am so happy my suitcase's ultra light this time round!”

Mum happily agreed with me. I only carried a “few” items, them being:

1. Two Christmas Fruit Cakes for both my grandmas

2. 7 bags of sugar-free cookies for my diabetic grandma

3. Two Christmas gifts for my toddler cousins

4. A change of clothes

5. Toiletries + the lot

6. iPad

All the items other than the iPad were stuffed into my trusty Samsonite cabin bag. Trust me, go to no one but Samsonite especially for cabin bags. They make the largest possible cabin bags and they do not weigh as much as bags from other makes. Mine has faithfully carried the heaviest loads for me and I have managed to sneak my luggage through some of the most stringent budget-airline cabin bag dimension / weight checks.

I was so confident that the carry-on limit for Air Asia was 10kg….. Until I got to the airport.

7kg Maximum!!!

This greeted me when I got to the airport, much to my horror. Thankfully I was let off and I shall save this story for another day as I have digressed from the main point.

So onto excessive packing. The makeup I packed is only meant to see me through one day (two if you count the day of departure) so I kept it minimal. The skincare and other items shown below is meant to last me a good week. 😉


First up, skincare! I brought:

1. SK-ii's Facial Treatment Gentle Cleansing Cream

For makeup removal. Was too lazy to pack my beloved Antipodes butter, a gift from darling Steph and here's hoping I won't break out from using this!

2. SK-ii's Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser

I love it. Use too much and your skin will feel slightly taut. A petit pois sized amount is more than enough for your face with a little extra to spare for your neck!

3. Shiseido's White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener w

Another fav. I use this in place of SK-II's clear lotion as I find the latter slightly drying. Shiseido's is so much softer and gentler on the skin and you still get the very last bits of grime off your face.

4. SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence

This product needs no introduction. I use very sparingly as I fear I may break out from using it, as I did 5 years ago.

5. Cellnique's Soothing and Hydrating Lotion (in small travel-sized spray bottle)

I mist this over my face before sweeping softener / toner onto my skin. Am onto my second bottle now and I love this stuff. So much that I simply had to decant it into a travel-sized perfume atomiser.

6. SK-II's Facial Treatment Repair C

This serum hydrates without the greasiness associated with some serums. I've noticed a huge improvement in my skin since I started using this.

7. SK-ii's Skin Refining Treatment (decanted into tub)

This claims to shrink pores and refine skin. I do notice that I have less blackheads than usual but I will use it longer before I make any substantial claims!


Let's go into the makeup I brought with me, shall we?


1. Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation in 011

One of the few Christmas presents from the boyfriend. It stays on its own, even better when a primer is used but dry skin beware: this product accentuates dry patches like no other. Paul* insisted I took the shade 011 instead of 010 as this is yellow based and my skin's been getting redder over the last couple of months. This is based on Paul's* observation so I decided to stick with it and i am glad I did.

2. Shiseido Maquillage Essential White Base UV

Make up primer I received a generous sample of. I find this helps my base stay on longer than usual but if I'm out on a particularly humid day my makeup still moves. Maybe I'm being too stingy with the amount used!

3. Creme de La Mer The Concealer in Light

I keep raving and raving about this but it still hasn't made its way into a post of its own. Soon, I promise. Soon *crosses fingers behind back* haha!

4. Canmake Cream Cheek in 07

Cream blush is really useful when I'm on holiday as it means I have one less brush to pack.

5. Bare Minerals Ready eyeshadow 2.0 The Epiphany

Pigmented, blends like a dream. Thank you, Becca and Lily for introducing this to me. 😉

6. Shiseido's Perfect Mascara Defining Volume

Amazing, simply amazing stuff that rarely smudges and holds my curled lashes like no other. Waterproof too so I can watch Les Misérables and cry my heart out without having to worry about looking like a panda after.

7. Guerlain's Meteorites Poudre de Perles in 02 Rose Frais

Can't live without them. Paired with the above foundation I get flawless, glowing skin.

More on the other stuff I brought with me tomorrow! 😉

Is there a product you would like a more in depth review on? Let me know!




  1. Lily @ChloeAsh January 2, 2013 / 16:35

    That’s a lot for just a night or two? LOL! I’ll have to pack for my night away too. I think I’ll just go with the very basics 😛

    • SukieK January 22, 2013 / 23:19

      Hahaha hello Lily! Sorry about the late reply. Yes it is excessive for a day or two but my holiday actually stretched over a week but still it\’s no excuse, isn\’t it? 😉

  2. gin January 5, 2013 / 09:25

    sukie!! i enjoyed reading this so much!!! i am a excessive packer too!!!!! i MUST lug all my FULL SIZE skincare/makeup products wherever i go unless i have the exact travel size product! haha..i am paranoid like that.. but my skincare staple is much smaller in amount compare to yours hahaha… for makeup, i will only bring base and lipsticks when i travel, not because i am less paranoid but because i am always lazy to do the removal at the end of the day!! hahaha..

    Please please review on Creme de La Mer The Concealer in Light and the Guerlain’s Meteorites Poudre de Perles in 02 Rose Frais! am very interested! hehehe

    • SukieK January 22, 2013 / 23:21

      LOL Gin!! Great minds think alike *cough* hehehe! I\’m go a little mad when it comes to travelling so I bring anything and nearly everything. 😉

      I\’ll see what I can do with the La Mer review. It\’s long overdue I know but it\’s all the photo-taking that\’s getting me down at the moment! =D

      As to Guerlain\’s… I\’ll try to squeeze in a review for you, I promise! Got it on my planner now. 😉

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