Review: SK-II Repair C

Some of you may know that I'm really happy with my skincare regime and have not tweaked it much since September last year. This is rare for me as I usually swap my skincare around quite a bit as I love trying different things and I'm not usually satisfied with the products I use.

In comes the epic breakout I suffered in September / October. Mum then revamped my skincare routine and insisted I incorporate SK-II into it.

My skin has improved so much then and I'm going to let you in on what changed my skin in a little bit!

Today, let's talk about SK-II's Repair C


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Extended List of Products Brought

After my hefty two-part travel product post, I just had to shock all of you with another products-I-took-to-Penang post, many moons later, naturally. 😉 Without further ado, here we go!

Giveaway 2!

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