Saturday Meme: 5 Pet Peeves

Hello hello! I’m sorry I couldn’t post yesterday as the Internet connection at home and on my phone got cut off all of a sudden! Am very, very glad the connection’s back today *phew*

This Saturday, the lovely Steph and I will bring you the FIVE pet peeves that really get on our nerves. =D

Happy reading!!



1. Putting a knife into one’s mouth when eating.

This takes the top spot because I simply cannot understand why anyone would want to put a sharp object into their mouth. Never fails to make me cringe everytime I see someone do that. Ugh.


2. Using my belongings without asking for permission beforehand

Oh yes, this does get on my nerves too. I am more than happy to share anything of mine with everyone… As long as you ask. Living away from home has taught me patience and tolerance but should I say, come to the kitchen in search of my mug to make a hot drink and discover it’s not there, that would really piss me off. Don’t mess with me.


3. Dishes in the sink left overnight (maybe more)

Arrgh! Simply typing this out makes my blood boil. Imagine the amount of bacteria that would be breeding on those dishes! Worse still, if some of those dishes are mine and you did not bother asking if you can use them beforehand. Major pet peeve.


4. Cutting queue

Sad to say, this is something a lot of Malaysians do. Whenever I see someone do so I would put on the best b!tch face I can muster and tell them

‘Excuse me, the queue starts there’ *points to the back*

I don’t understand this! Everyone’s waiting patiently in line so WAIT FOR YOUR TURN! *roars*


5. Not adhering to the dress code

I have attended many events that require a certain dress code. It does get on my nerves when some people have the cheek to come decked in jeans, trainers and a regular t-shirt even though the dress code states smart casual. Imagine my glee when they get told off by ushers and are not allowed into the concert hall. Yep, am talking about concerts at my favourite concert hall in Malaysia – The Petronas Philharmonic Hall. If I were to get married, the dress code would be ‘Black Tie’ and if my guests do not adhere to it, sorry you are out. =p


I could go on and on but it’s best I stop here and usher all of you to Beaute Fabuleuse and check out what sets Stephanie off! 😉

Happy Saturday! xxx