Review: Cellnique Soothing & Hydrating Lotion

Instead of doing my September Empties or Favourites (which will be coming up), I thought I’d share with you one very important item in my skincare routine that I’ve really enjoyed using ever since I received it in the post thanks to a swap I did with Steph more than two months ago!

I have not tried anything from Cellnique which is a Malaysian brand usually sold in beauty salons so I was really excited (and a tad nervous) about trying it out as I have extremely reactive skin. However, Steph kindly reassured me and says that this has been her go-to toner / lotion for quite a few years so I bravely took the plunge!

In comes this Soothing and Hydrating Lotion which is housed in a plastic spray bottle that holds 200ml of product:

Simple, rather clinical-looking packaging that doesn’t garner much attention but the product has a lot for me to shout about!

According to Cellnique, this lotion contains 14 types of plant extracts which include Witch Hazel, Calendula and Lemon to name a few. Ginger Root Extract seems to be the main plant extract in this product as the lotion itself smells strongly of Ginger! Not great for those who do not fancy the scent. 😉

Marketed as a product that calms down skin that’s prone to sensitivity, this helps to refresh tired skin and replenish moisture.

Firstly, this stings if any product gets into your eyes so be careful when spritzing this onto your face! I usually use between two 2-3 spritzes, pat the lotion into the skin before following up with a hydrating toner. I suppose this can be used as a toner alone but I prefer using this to prep my skin as I find this helps my skin absorb other products eg. serum and moisturiser better!

This product has since replaced my trusted Thermal Water spritzes and I lugged this bottle back from abroad, which is saying something as I do not usually lug big bottles of skincare products back due to weight (and space) restriction. Also, I have been travelling about quite a bit as you would know should you follow me on Twitter and this product has been going places with me! I find this soothes my skin better than the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and my skin feels comforted after a hot day even though Ginger does sound like a spicy product, not a cooling one!

According to information found on Cellnique’s website, Ginger Root Extract can increase skin’s radiance and decrease inflammation that may contribute to acne and psoriasis. This ingredient also promotes smoothness and evenness in skin tone, something I believe everyone wants to achieve. 😉

Will I repurchase this product? Yes I will, only if it is wallet-friendly. I have a feeling this must have cost Steph quite a bit! Thanks very much for this lovely product my dear!

I’ve been liking these spritz-on lotions since coming home as it’s been really humid and uncomfortable which has turned my skin into a reactive minefield. By the way, I am aware I have not chosen a winner for my little thank you giveaway yet but I will do soon, do bear with me as I have been away but I will do my best to contact the winner as soon as possible and send the gift out as soon as I get home!

Thank you for staying with me, lovelies! <3


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