Laniege Water Sleeping Pack EX

I thought I’d talk about more water-based products I favour since reviewing Astalift’s Jelly Aquarysta just yesterday so in comes Laniege’s Water Sleeping Pack EX!


This is a sleeping pack, which means the product is to be applied on top of your regular skincare regime right before bed.

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The first thing that hit me was the lovely blue tinge this product takes on. I don’t usually babble about colours but this one really struck a chord in me and the fresh scent that accompanies the Water Sleeping Pack seems to go very well with the colour as there is a light fresh scent to it. Some may wonder if a fresh scent would awaken one’s senses rather than lull one to sleep but fret not, the smell dissipates quickly. As quickly as this light product sinks into the skin, I may add.


I’m going to keep this short and simple as I believe there are many reviews on this product out there but I wanted to talk about this too because this product is the first, and only Korean skincare product I have tried so far (BB creams don’t count as skincare hehe) and I have enjoyed using this quite a bit!

Laniege says to use this once or twice a week as an overnight treatment but this is light enough to be used every night, which is what I do. Non-sticky and absorbs quickly into my skin without making a mess on my pillow, this product is a keeper and its affordable price tag at RM100 / £20 for 80ml of product helps loads!

On lazy nights I only apply this instead of my regular skincare regime and I still wake up with hydrated skin. Should I hit the hay sans any skincare product on my face, I usually wake up to tight-feeling skin as I sleep in an air-conditioner environment. However, I do not recommend you follow in the footsteps of this lazy blogger so please apply this on top of your usual skincare routine!

Having used this during UK’s dry winter months, this has definitely helped re-hydrate my skin after spending a day out in the cold and coming home to a warm, heated home that also contributes to the drying of my skin. Using the Water Sleeping Pack helped tremendously during then and I really noticed a difference: my skin was glowing as opposed to being dull as it would normally be.

I was also pleasantly surprised with this product as my reactive skin did not react badly to this product so mega plus points for this. Highly recommended to everyone who wants that extra moisture boost! 🙂














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