Review: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B10 Beige Pastel

I can’t believe I’m only reviewing this after yonks! This actually is the first ever foundation I purchased (way back before CNY 2011 at Heathrow airport just before I boarded the KL-bound plane) 
If my memory serves me correctly, I bought this after watching a Lisa Eldridge video where she highly recommended Chanel’s (then) newly launched foundation which acts like ‘second skin’, in her words. Being the make up newbie that I was (still am now), I sauntered over to the Chanel make up booth and asked if I can be matched to a shade! =D 
Nearly a year and many many uses later, I finally got down to reviewing this incredible product! =D
The product is housed in a nifty rectangular bottle which is very travel friendly as it does not take up a lot of space in your bag! Also, you need to shake the bottle up as this is a water-based foundation and you will end up with runny gunk should you not shake the bottle properly!

Let’s get on to the swatches, shall we? I was matched to the lightest shade available – B10 Beige Pastel even though the SA did mention it was still slightly dark for me. Well, I couldn’t see much of a difference when I looked in the mirror so I just went on and purchased it anyway. =D

One thing to note for you ladies with pink undertones: The yellow undertones of this foundation is quite prominent! I was astonished at how yellow the foundation looked when the SA squeezed it out of the spout but for some reason the yellowness of this foundation works for my skin. 

As this is a water-based foundation, you need to work fast with this as it dries pretty quick! I only noticed this when I was taking swatch photos for this post. :s I left the above swatch on my arm for about 5 minutes as I was fumbling to get better lighting for the photo and it took me ages to blend this out!

The main thing I adore about this foundation is that it doesn’t sit on your skin! I just use my fingers to spread the foundation over my nose / chin area and it just disappears into my skin as though I haven’t applied any foundation! This does not dry to a matte / dewy finish but just leaves you looking so natural and fresh! The SA mentioned you do not need to use a finishing powder with this product but I still do as I wouldn’t risk having my foundation melting off and leaving me with unsightly streaks on my face!

Coverage is about sheer-medium for this product and although it can be buildable, I advise against you layering this foundation on your skin as firstly, this is a pricey product ( £30-ish ) and secondly, there’s always concealer!

This is my favourite foundation as I am no fan of looking ‘plastered’ so I do not mind having a few small blemishes peeking out! Redness is my main enemy so if a product manages to combat it, I’m happy! =D

I’m afraid I do not have a photo of myself wearing this foundation as I am having trouble looking for a well-lit corner in my home for me to show you lovely people how the foundation looks on my skin but I will update this post (and the Dior powder foundation one) once I get the photos taken! For now, here’s how the foundation looks, blended on my arm:

I hope Chanel will never, ever discontinue this product as I know this is one product I cannot live without! =D

Yes, my dears… Yet another HG product for me!

Do you have any good foundations to recommend? I currently only use Bourjois and Chanel but would love to try other brands! =) Do let me know if you have a HG foundation you can’t live without! 

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