Bottoms Up: This month’s empties!

Here are more products I’ve used up  since coming home! 
1. Kose Softymo Airy Whip
I’ve already reviewed this product here and I’m sad I’ve used this up as the Neutrogena foaming cleanser I’ve bought to replace this does not work as well as this pink cutie! *sighs*
2. H2O’s Face Oasis Cleansing Water
My first cleansing water! Been using cleansing oils prior to this and this is notedly lighter than a cleansing oil! (duh) I find this enough to remove foundation / sunblock but this does not remove your eye make-up so you will need a separate eye make-up remover to ensure your entire face is properly cleansed. =) I got this product when I tried out H2O’s face moisturizer last year (or was it two years ago?) and I’ve only just finished this up as I left this home in Malaysia. =p 
3. Kose’s Suncut UV Protect Milk in SPF50+ PA+++
Sunscreen, as you all know is a staple in my everyday routine so it’s no surprise that I’m going through these things at an astonishing rate since coming back to Malaysia. There’s more to come, I’m sure! I remember this being really cheap, around USD4 (RM12) but I’ve used it on my face a couple of times and my skin didn’t react to it nor burn so I may repurchase this in the future if I can get my hands on one in local drugstores. =) 
4. Lush’s Breath of Fresh Air Toner
I’ve never featured this product even though I’ve gone through at least 3 full bottles of this stuff! I’ve used this since 2007 and this doubles up as a basic toner as well as a refreshing facial spray. This was a skin care staple for me prior to discovering Thermal Sprays and this reminds me I need to get another bottle of this when I get back, haha!

The weather’s been terrible since the start of Chinese New Year with the high heat and humidity and this is something I cannot cope with very well T__T any ladies care to share their heat-busting secrets pretty please? Other than staying in air-conditioned areas of course +__+ but it’s just been so very hot!

Also, there’s been a flu bug going round the house over the last couple of days and I think it has finally hit me. I’m already having the blocked / runny nose syndrome and I’m really hoping this does not turn into a full-blown flu.

Have you gone through any beauty products over the last month yourself?