Trigger-Happy Thursdays: Of a very eventful + happy week!

I’ve been so busy lately, which explains my absence on the blog.. :s Sorry my dears!

This week’s column is photo-heavy, as always! We headed to Fraser’s Hill over the weekend where we indulged in boating at Allan’s Water – RM6 for 15 minutes but I’m pretty sure the brother and I took a lot longer than 15 minutes:

I haven’t been to Fraser’s in about 7 years and I’m glad to report nothing much has changed! If nature trails are your kind of thing, Fraser’s Hill is definitely the place to be! Unfortunately for us, we only spent one night there and it rained throughout the night, which made it dangerous for us to hit the trails. =( 
Nevertheless, we had our fair share of fun!!

Meet Nana, Mum’s friend’s granddaughter who lives in Fraser’s Hill! =D
Annie made us lovely cupcakes for tea! The freshly made cupcakes went down very well with a steaming hot cup of tea in chilly Fraser’s Hill. =)

On top of cupcakes, Annie even made us a lovely Batik cake to bring home with us! Batik cake’s an East Malaysian delicacy (please correct me if I’m wrong) where Marie biscuits are layered and a chocolate sauce is drizzled over the biscuits and the ‘cake’ is then popped into the fridge to set!

This cake takes on a really delicate texture.. Chocolatey goodness paired with the softened Marie biscuits which tastes a little spongey yet has still has a bit of crunch in them. Very delicious!

We witnessed a pretty sight in the sky:

This sign, spotted at the Smokehouse in Fraser’s Hill made me gasp:

Darn it!! =D

Fast forward to Monday’s Blogger Meet with Stephanie, Hanny and Hanny’s friend, Miaw! =)

Here’s Stephanie, Miaw and I before Miaw’s makeover!

Miaw has never used make up. Ever. So Hanny and I came up with this brilliant idea of getting her a free makeover from one of the beauty counters at Midvalley and we stumbled upon Dior in Isetan’s Beauty Hall. Very cheekily I asked if the SA would give Miaw a mini makeover and she kindly obliged and we got an appointment for 2pm! As you know it we ladies had quite a bit of catching up to do which resulted in us missing our appointment. We got to Dior at about 3.30pm and had to wait around a bit for the SA to help another customer with her make up. =D

Hanny and Miaw looking slightly nervous prior to her makeover!!

So while Miaw got her makeover….

Lovely Stephanie had a go at A-England’s Avalon! =p

This lovely lass came to our meet with generous goodies!!! Both Hanny and I received full-sized Origins’ products and we got Egyptian Cream and Marie Veronique’s tinted moisturizer samples!! The samples were overly generous too!!


Thank you so much, Stephanie!! <3 Dear lovely readers, please do check Stephanie’s blog out as she writes beautifully and takes impeccable photos! Her posts are precise and such a joy to read!! =)

We were a little shocked by Miaw’s transformation after the makeover!

Miaw’s eyes were done up prettily, so was her base make up and blush but we did feel that her eyebrows were arched a little too high and the nude lipgloss didn’t quite go well with the look. I felt really bad for putting Miaw through this as it was her first attempt at wearing make up!

Miaw, if you’re reading this I am really sorry and I hope you really didn’t get into too much trouble!!!

Being beauty bloggers, enabling each other is pretty much what we do. =D Here’s Hanny getting her skin analysed and she walked out of Kiehl’s with a serum in hand!

Stephanie, on the other hand did her fair bit of shopping too at MAC and L’occitane! =D As for me… I came home loaded with goodies from Stephanie and an incredibly happy heart! =)

It’s amazing how the four of us got on incredibly well and I’m looking forward to more meet ups like this!! <3 Thank you, Hanny for you-know-what 😉 , Steph for the lovely goodies and Miaw for letting us turn you into our guinea pig of the day!! *great group hug to these lovely ladies here* Of course, we haven’t forgot about you, Lily darling!! You are included in that group hug! =D

That’s all for my Trigger-Happy Thursday this week! Did you do anything lovely over Valentine’s day? =) 

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