Trigger-Happy Thursdays: of a not-so Trigger-Happy week!

Dear readers, I haven’t been whipping my camera out as much as I usually do over the last week so this week’s column will be really short! =D 
Today’s post will start on a slightly sad note, lamenting the loss of my beloved childhood clock….. 

This clock was a gift from my parents to me as a toddler. I learnt how to tell the time with the help of this beautiful (then-working) clock! It lasted a glorious 20 years before finally breathing its last tick one cold, dark, stormy evening….
I jest. It ‘just stopped working’ – wise Mum’s words. 
I never got to witness its last tick.
We have since sent it to a charity where they collect damaged items, repair them and then sell them / send them to people in need. 
Our Valentine’s Day meal. We initially made a reservation for dinner at TGIF but the bf wanted fish and chips. Back in the UK, we used to frequent Whitstable for their delicious fish and chips so we decided to re-enact that. =) Dome Cafe and Restaurant does the best fish and chips in KL (or so we reckon) =D I had the Junior Fish and Chips meal whereas the boyfriend enjoyed the adult’s meal. =D 
I caught the bubble tea bug! Been trying many tea houses out there and this serves one of the worse drinks I’ve had so far! Drinks tasted fake and extremely sugary. 
The Petronas Twin Towers at night. We were here last night, the boyfriend and I. I’ve been to KLCC countless times but never really took the effort to admire the Twin Towers. Yesterday, I did. And I’m really glad I did it with a dearly loved one. <3
I’ll end this post on a slightly higher note, shall I? 😉

The lovely SA at Dior gave me a makeover and here are the products she used! 😉 
I hope you had a lovely week! =) 

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