Trigger-Happy Thursdays: Seeing Double!

Hello lovelies! It’s nearly December now which means my monthly empties post would be put up soon-ish! This month, I have found a few products to be nearing their end as I come so close to using them up. Also, being monthly favourites (or daily staples), a few shopping trips were done where I repurchased some of these favourites.

I thought I’d quickly share them with you today in place of my usual Trigger-Happy Thursdays post where I put up random photos that may not interest some of you. 😉 However, I do post photos on a daily basis via my Instagram account here so feel free to check them out and follow me if you like! =D

Kicking off today’s post is a gift from my fellow #soulmate Steph who needs no introduction. Lovely Stephanie sent me a parcel filled with goodies when I was still in the UK and this was one of the many items she sent!


Cellnique’s Soothing and Hydrating Lotion which I reviewed earlier here. Close to 4 months later I used up every single drop of this and I liked it so much that I bugged Mum to get me another! =D This costs RM79 so it doesn’t do too much damage to the wallet. I’m actually tempted to try Melvita’s Floral Waters but I liked this so much that I just had to repurchase it. 😉



Shiseido’s Perfect UV Protector is a product I swear by. I am currently in the process of using up my third bottle and moving on to the fourth. Having used this since early this year (February/March), this is the best sunscreen I have used up to now and I have been through many sunscreens from various brands as my skin cannot live without it. I will not go on and rave about this product as I can go on and on all day. If you haven’t tried this, please give it a go!



Ah, an old favourite: L’occitane’s Lavender Vinegar. I am coming to the end of my second last bottle and I am incredibly nervous about using the final bottle up! This product has been discontinued and I will be sad to see this leave my table for good. :'( This works on the odd breakout but did not do anything for the severe breakout my skin went through. Still, it smells lovely – if you like the scent of lavender, that is. =D

The only mascara that doesn’t harm / irritate my eyes to date: Shiseido’s Perfect Mascara Defining Volume. I still have quite a bit left in my old tube but thought I should purchase a spare ‘just in case.’ This stuff rocks my boat: minimal next to no smudges at all, holds the curl and lasts all day. Only gripe? It can be a bit of a pain to remove. Without this lovely mascara I doubt I can ever bring myself to even curl my lashes, what more apply mascara.

Another staple! My all-time favourite hand sanitiser. Ever. I’m typing this and wondering why I do I sound like a bimbo. Anyway, I think it’s due to the fact that these are products I love so much and I can’t stop gushing about them like a child so bear with me, lovelies! The L’occitane Lavender Hand Purifying Gel smells heavenly and is non-drying. Most hand sanitisers I’ve used smell so strongly of alcohol and my hands feel taut and dry after use but this one doesn’t. Mum and I were once stuck in a place that smelt of smoke and she asked for a squirt of this for her to ‘breathe properly.’ Haha! I’m doing my best to squeeze the very last bits out before I move on to my spanking new tube. Before you think this costs loads and would not last very long, allow me to point out that I have used this close to a year with near daily use. I also share this with friends and family before we tuck into meals so it has gone a very long way for me.


These are the products I have repurchased this month and it’s quite an achievement for the fickle me who likes trying out new items! Have you repurchased anything this month? 😉


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