Not one, but Two BIG Moves! :D

Howdy y’all! Just before you start giving up on this little blogger, allow me to explain myself!!


Last week, I discovered something so horrible it brought my world to a halt. The blogging one, no less. I ran out of photo storage space!!

Yes, technology n00b I am. I did not learn the importance of resizing my photos until rather late in my blogging career (if you count sporadic posts a career) so I quickly maxed out the 1GB of space provided by good ol’ Blogger.


Yes, there’s Picasa and Flickr but again, I’m not very good with technology so I much rather start afresh and make that huge move over to….. WordPress.


Yep. This blogger who knows nuts about HTML or domain transfers or whatever technological jargon is making the big move over to what I call the dark side as WordPress has always intimidated me.

I hope all will be okay though as I have enlisted the help of someone who may be assisting me during this big, bold move.

I have been shopping around for servers to host my blog on (is that how you put it, I don’t even know lol) and have finally found one that doesn’t cost too much!! I currently pay like USD10 for my domain name a year and Blogger hosts my blog but I figured it’s high time I brought this blog to a new level. Of course, it would mean that I have to up my game and learn the ropes.

Join me on my next big adventure? 😉


I did mention Two big moves, didn’t I?

Well…… I’m no longer unemployed! :p Technically I still am unemployed as I haven’t started working yet but I will be a tax payer (gah) starting next year and I have had a few job offers coming my way after a bit of a dry spell!


Reckon it’s time to bring out the bubbly and rejoice? 😀


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