Femme Boulevard December: Ushering 2013 in Style!

Hello lovelies! I hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the new year! I for one am extremely excited about the new year and I will let you in on why in a bit. Meanwhile, allow me to introduce you to today’s post!

Yours truly has been given the opportunity to participate in a Femme Boulevard post! Femme Boulevard is a monthly column written by three fabulous bloggers: Joey , Lily, and Teri. For the month of December, the three lovelies decided to open their column to all us beauty bloggers out to join in the New Year festivities and so here I am, attempting to do something totally out of my comfort zone!

The theme of today’s look is metallic / shiny lids with vampy / bold lips. Imagine my slight horror when I read those words as I have never really worn bold lips out nor have I worn metallic lids very much. Thankfully, it can be an editorial, wearable look or “anything, as long as you have fun doing it” qoute Lily. 😉

I chose my look based on something wearable as I will be attend a cousin’s wedding early January 2013, the main reason on why I am so excited about starting the new year!

Onto this wearable look! Here are the products I used to create the look:

Products used to create Femme Boulevard December 2012 look

As I will be wearing a teal dress (either the one featured in this post or another) to the wedding, I thought I’d match my eyeshadow with my dress. I then dug out my Guerlain Les Ombres de Nuit 4 -Colour Palette from Guerlain’s Christmas 2011 collection. The look also requires vampy lips and I immediately thought of the Guerlain Nuit d’Amour Rouge Automatique from the same Christmas collection!

Here’s a list of the other products I used:

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 51

2. Creme de La Mer The Radiant Concealer in Light

3. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h Waterproof in Black

4. No7 Nude Lip Liner

5. Shiseido Perfect Mascara Defining Volume

6. Guerlain Terracotta La Selection De L’ete

7. Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats Rose Plein Vert 05

8. Guerlain Rouge Shine Automatique in Altoum

9. Shu Uemura Hard Formula Brow Pencil in 05 Stone Grey

And… Here’s the look!

Femme Boulevard December 2012 shiny lids

Pardon the peeling nose, I’ve just recovered from a full-blown cold but my nose has not ceased shedding its skin just yet!

Onto the face first, I used Bourjois’ Healthy Mix foundation as it’s more moisturising and it’s yellow undertones really help conceal the redness around my nose and cheek area. My skin has also been dry of late so this is a go-to for evenings out! A light dusting of blush went with the look as I didn’t want to take any attention away from my eyes / lips. An attempt to contour went in too with the Guerlain bronzer but it doesn’t really show up in the photos.

For the eyes! I first applied a thin layer of the shimmering grey shade all over the lids. Then I took the blackened blue shade and applied it on the outer lids, slowly working it into my crease. I layered on the colours slowly and carefully as I wanted all shades to blend well together. The lighter teal shade was used on the middle of both lids and blended out. The key to this look? Blend, blend and blend some more! I dabbed some of the shimmering grey eyeshadow on the corner of my eyes to make them pop a little.

As this look will be worn in the evening, I brought some of the blackened blue shade down under the outer corner of my eyes and blended that out with the teal and grey shades, working my way to the inner corners of my eyes.

The eyes were tightlined with the K-Palette eyeliner, a gift from my soulmate who with Lily introduced me into the world of eyeliners. =) As usual, I then curled my eyelashes with my trusty Shu Uemura lash curlers and lashings of the Shiseido mascara went through them. Brows were lightly filled with the Shu Uemura Brow Pencil.

Finally, I lined and filled in my lips with the No7 Nude lip liner before applying the Guerlain Nuit d’Amour Rouge Automatique with a lip brush onto my lips. Upon applying the shade I felt it could do with a little shine so I slicked on a layer of Guerlain’s Altoum Shine Automatique but it’s barely visible, even in real life. Guess I shouldn’t have bothered with it. =p

I tried my very best to take photos without me looking really silly but I guess I am not photogenic at all. Sigh. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

This one, I took in hope of showcasing the eyes without looking weird. Succeeded in the eye department, failed in terms of looking weird.

Femme Boulevard December 2012 Metallic Lids Vampy Lip

Then there’s this shot. A family member mentioned I bear an uncanny resemblance to The Joker.


Femme Boulevard December 2012 New Year look

Do you think the look meets the shiny / bold look? The look’s nothing metallic as I can’t bring myself to wear such a bold eye out but the shine gives my eyes more depth. The deep plummy lips  seems to breathe a new lease of life into an otherwise boring matchy eye and dress look. What say you?

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I really enjoyed collaborating with so many other bloggers and I hope there will be more opportunities like this in the future! Till then, a very Happy New Year to everyone and here’s to a fantastic year ahead!!

I have something rather exciting coming up in the next few days so be sure to stay tuned! 😉



  1. Musing on Beauty December 29, 2012 / 19:06

    I love that dark blue eye with the red lip, beautiful look!

  2. Joey Chong December 29, 2012 / 19:12

    Hi Sukie,
    Thank you for joining us and I hope you had fun =)
    Love the combination you did xx

  3. yukaeshi December 29, 2012 / 19:14

    Sweetheart! Wow you definitely look gorgeous! It's a very lovely look I have to admit 😀
    My recent post Ushering In 2013 With Style…

    • SukieK December 29, 2012 / 19:17

      Haha thank you soulmate! Not as gorgeous as yours though xxx

  4. bellachique December 29, 2012 / 19:29

    You look fab girl! I absolutely love your choices in products btw: guerlain, bourjois, shu, me likey! 😉 I love how the colours on your eyes turned out to be a bit of a teal, it's super pretty! Have a great New Years Eve btw!
    My recent post Femme Boulevard: Ushering 2013 with Style

    • SukieK December 29, 2012 / 23:28

      Aww thank you so much for dropping by, Teri and thank you even more for your compliments! <3 you have a great New Year's Eve and New Year yourself and thanks for letting me join in the fun! xxx

  5. Margaret December 29, 2012 / 20:03

    looks beautiful!! I love your eyes 🙂

    • SukieK December 29, 2012 / 23:28

      Hello Margaret! Thank you for dropping by!! That's too kind of you! I wish you a very Happy New Year! xxx

  6. gin December 29, 2012 / 20:38

    i absolutely LOVE how u did your eyes!!!!!!! SO SUPER GORGEOUS! perfect bold look for evening dinner!!
    A family member mentioned I bear an uncanny resemblance to The Joker. >>this really truly cracked me up ROFL!
    sukie dear, u look nothing like him lol!
    looking forward to more FOTD in the future! ^^

    • SukieK December 30, 2012 / 13:11

      Hahaha so you say, Gin! My mum made that comment, actually and everyone at home burst out laughing T__T I'm not so sure about the more FOTDs part but I will do my best! I haven't quite perfected the art of posing yet. It has such a steep learning curve that I seem to roll down the hill everytime I attempt to conquer it. :s But thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it! <3 <3 <3
      My recent post Countdown to the New Year: Giveaway 1

      • gin December 30, 2012 / 14:07

        lol! have confidence! when u take more photos u will improve? although i think u are doing fine already!
        aiyo, u know how mums are mah, she will pin u down with the sharpest words but she loves u most! ^^
        and like lily mentioned below, this is the first time u fotd with full face makeup! CONGRATS!!! <3 <3 <3

  7. gin December 29, 2012 / 22:09

    i absolutely LOVE how u did your eyes!!!!!!! SO SUPER GORGEOUS! perfect bold look for evening dinner!!

  8. Larie December 30, 2012 / 01:48

    It’s a very beautiful look – I especially love the lip color! Very striking! Happy New Year! 🙂

    • SukieK December 30, 2012 / 13:12

      Hello Larie! I'm glad you like the look! I personally felt it looked a little odd but all the positive comments did make me feel better! A very Happy New Year to you too my dear and thank you so much for dropping by!
      My recent post Countdown to the New Year: Giveaway 1

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