Sampling Sundays: L’occitane Shampoo for Sensitive or Irritated Scalp

Howdy folks! Ever used samples of a product that prompted you to purchase the full-sized item? This is something I have done and I thought I’d compile these mini-reviews and create a little column for them! =D I do not think this is column is going to be a weekly feature on the blog but I love samples and would love to share them with you.

In order for samples to make their way into this column, I must get at least 5 uses out of them (my blog, my rules. Hehe) as to get a proper feel of the product I’m using. 5 uses is more than enough for my sensitive skin to reveal its angry side so I hope everyone finds this helpful. =)

Kicking off this column with some shampoo – L’occitane’s Shampoo for Sensitive or Irritated Scalp to be exact:


I love L’occitane. Love their packaging, love their scents and above all, love their hair conditioners. I swear by them and have been using their hair conditioners for over 10 years now. Sometimes I stray due to the price but I always come back to them as soon as some other hair conditioner turns my hair into straw.

On the other hand, I haven’t had much luck with L’occitane’s shampoos as they seem to weigh my hair down and create a lot of product build up (read: dandruff)! I even got head pimples when using one of their shampoos (I think it was the dry/damaged hair version) so I naturally stay clear of them.

Recently, I was at one of their stores where the SA tried to coax me into purchasing their shampoos. I informed her of my predicament and she whipped out sachets of this for me to try. Each sachet houses 8ml of product which gives me about one and a half uses and I received 4 sachets of this.

Let me tell you a little more about my hair routine. A daily wash is a must. Should I be deprived of a squeaky clean scalp? Greasy, flat hair and an awful temper will greet you. 😉 So I shampoo and condition my hair everyday and hair masks / treatments are done at home on a weekly basis.

This product is clear and has a slight lavender scent which I love and lathers up gently. I describe the lather as gentle because it’s not the kind of SLS-infused lather you get with drugstore shampoos eg. Herbal Essences and the like. Instead of looking like a bubble-head, you look just like yourself with a bit of froth on your head.

Now that I re-read the previous sentence I do not know what’s worse: looking like a bubble-head or froth-head.

Anyhoo, my scalp feels so comfortable after using this shampoo. It feels clean but not stripped and I did not get any product build up when using this for over a week!

In this case, trying this out made me want to run to my nearest L’occitane outlet to purchase a full-sized bottle but I am holding back for now as I am waiting for their Christmas gift sets to land on our shores. =D

I promised I’d keep this short so here you go, a quick (yet long-winded) review! Did you enjoy it? What are the most recent samples you got your hands on? 😉



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