Trigger-Happy Thursdays: Foodie Getaways! =D

I have been gorging myself a little too much lately so this week’s column will mostly be about food! =D Two weeks ago, we headed up to Genting Highlands for some cool air and Dim Sum, one of my many favourite foods:



My birthday clutch is seen in the foreground as I took it to show the boyfriend this pretty clutch is going places! =D

Speaking of going places…..


We have been going places thanks to my brother’s professional driving skills! I’ve been spending the last week in Ipoh, meeting up with Lily who kindly played tour guide and even presented me with two beautiful birthday gifts that I’ve been wearing everyday since receiving them:

Lily’s fab at selecting lip colours and I’ve never been happier as I have never owned anything from Dior so having two different lippies from the brand made me hyperventilate quite a bit. Thank you dear!

Since we were around the area, we dropped by Lumut for the day and stumbled upon this homemade noodle shop:

Then there’s the bubble tea craze that has not died out yet! This is old news but I was hanging around KLCC one day and we found a new Bubble tea shop. They had an opening offer where a glass of bubble tea only costs RM2. Naturally, I jumped at the offer!



Final random photo of the day. Also in Lumut, we found a Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia (a convenience store catered to the citizens of Malaysia) and I couldn’t help but giggle at the packaging:


We walked out empty handed. 😉 Have you been to any of these stores?


Also, we have a winner for my little giveaway! The gift goes to Gin so congratulations Gin! <3



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