Trigger-Happy Thursdays: A Gentle Reminder!

Hello lovelies! This week’s Trigger-Happy column is pretty much a filler post because I haven’t taken that many photos over the last week to churn out a proper post. 😉

Of course, there’s always a but. =p Since coming home to sunny Malaysia, I have re-discovered the importance of a certain product:


Sunscreen! This is my current sunscreen stash, some of which are already empty. Extra brownie points to those who manage to point the empties out to me! I have been using quite a bit of sunscreen as I’ve been travelling loads, spending most of my time in a car but I do feel the heat even in a car with nicely tinted windows. Having a layer of sunscreen on my body (arms and neck, especially) has kept me pretty much burn-free for now so I thought I’d gently remind all you lovely people to wear sunscreen as to prevent your skin from ageing prematurely!

p/s: The only sunscreen I use on my face is the fantastic Shiseido Perfect UV Protector . What’s your favourite sunscreen? =)



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